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Hello! I’ve been away for a few weeks and feel like I need to explain my absence. I was hit with a long, drawn out case of flu, followed by sinus infection. That, combined with putting our house back on the market last week really took its toll on me. But I’m happy to say that, other than a lingering cough, I’m over it! The post I’m sharing today is one that I began working on in time to post for Valentine’s Day. Even though it’s late, it will hopefully be good information for everyday healthy eating.

I’ve never been a health nut until my husband’s recent diagnosis and subsequent discovery of a relevant diet. One of the things I miss since changing our eating style is an occasional PBJ. It’s not that I used to eat them a lot but once every few months I would get a craving for one and it was something I enjoyed for a change of tastes. I have come up with a substitute and it’s pretty satisfying, albeit different from my old version.


I started with this Paleo roll recipe. I have made these a few times and they are a decent substitute for bread. For the PBJs I made them a little more flat, more like biscuits. I really didn’t like the way they came out and will go back to making them roll-shaped.

We can only eat tree nuts (no peanuts) so I buy almond butter or sunflower nut butter with no sugar added. I mixed the sunflower nut butter with a few drops of stevia to sweeten it slightly. Then I spread it on the biscuit and added sliced strawberries in place of strawberry jelly. They weren’t as sweet and juicy as I hoped, I think it will be much better when they are in season.


Sliced bananas or sliced grapes would be good, too. We are allowed fruit in moderation and berries are the healthiest fruit, especially the dark ones. I’m sure I’ll make these PBJs again. I might even cook the berries and add stevia to be a closer substitute for jelly.

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Eating ~ Paleo PBJ

  1. pbj’s ♥♥♥
    it’s a rare happening in my world..
    recently i used up some fresh strawberries
    and with some truvia made a freezer jam
    of sorts. a bit liquid’y but yummy still.
    my hubs is borderline diabetic and i’m
    on a necessary food plan so the truvia
    helps when something sweet is a
    necessary part of our day! and might i
    say, your pbj is absolutely *darling*!

    1. Never heard of freezer jam but it sounds interesting. I remember seeing some very yummy looking, healthy recipes on your blog that I keep meaning to go back and look at again.

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