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1853 Wine Cellar Renovation

We’re moving along on our wine cellar renovation, slowly but surely. I decided to show a few “before” pictures now, just to whet your appetite for the reveal.
Built in 1853, three years before the house,
this was the first wine cellar in our town.
The land was covered in vineyards and the owner supplied wine to the river boats
just a few miles west of our property.
A whole lotta YUCK right?
A whole lot of work and we’re getting close to being done.
Then we can reap the rewards and enjoy a very cool (temp stays 65 ish)
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Old Lace Gets Upcycled

I have never really thought of myself as a lacey kind of girl but the more I work with old lace the more I appreciate it. The detail and amount of work that goes into handmade lace is amazing. My favorite is the super old, super fine, and super fragile and I don’t mind if it has holes and stains. I love to take a piece of old crochet lace and upcycle it into a fun and trendy piece of jewelry.
I tea-dyed this one and added turquoise color stone drops and a silver button.
How cute this would be with my favorite white tee!

I added pearl drops and a pearl button to this black piece to dress it up.
I guess I’m a lacier girl than I thought…
 Both looks can be found in my web shop.

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Garden Views, Stump Planters and Squirrels

Now that warm weather is finally here, I decided to take a tour around the yard to capture some of our blooms and foliage.
Our little old shed is original to our 1856 home and houses the stairway to the wine cellar. The shed will get a makeover and new roof next year. So many projects and we do most of them ourselves so it takes lots of time and patience.
Don’t judge me for my weeds. : D
Every garden needs a pop of lush chartreuse that sweet potato vine gives so abundantly.
We salvaged this knotty section from a giant tree that sadly fell last month during a storm and turned it into a planter. I love the bark and it was covering the entire piece.
Not happy with this guy. Caught here in the act of chewing off the bark and removing the planted impatiens. I will have to go online and hunt for a squirrel deterrent to spray this with before he and his friends remove it all.
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A Magical Night

Starting to catch my breath after a whirlwind few weeks.
The rehearsal dinner for our friends’ kids went off without a hitch.
It was a beautiful night with lots of laughter and many memories made.
Here are a few pictures of the event held at our home.
This shed houses the stairway to the wine cellar.

Stairway to the wine cellar.
We have been renovating this old cellar and I will soon post before and after pics.

The beautiful bride
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