me_oct2013My name, Tarnished Royalty reflects my desire to reclaim weathered objects, transform them and redeem them as graceful new pieces of art. In much the same way, we who entrust our lives to God are changed and made beautiful. Once weathered and beaten by sin, we become royalty by His grace.

I am so honored that you have taken the time to stop by and find out more about me. I’m just a sinner saved by grace. I love my Lord, my husband, my kids, and my grandkids. I love to design! My passion for design encompasses jewelry, graphic design, and d├ęcor. I love blogging, fashion, music, friends, riding my bike, coffee and food! I’m a hopeless romantic. I love to meet new people, so I hope you’ll let me know you visited.


Make it a beautiful day for those around you!

Talk soon,

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8 thoughts on “WEATHERED . . . RECLAIMED . . . REDEEMED

  1. Ann,

    I also a sinner saved by grace. I just discovered your blog I am going to enjoy following it. Thank you for making it available. God bless you.


  2. I am also a sinner saved by Grace. I found the Old Rugged Cross with Pearls on another blog and clicked to your link. I am going to follow your blog also. I love DIY but so often have many ideas but not enough time to execute.

    1. Hi Carol, so nice to meet you! Welcome and thank you for following along. I totally understand what you mean about all the ideas and not enough time. I just figure the ones that I think about and stay with me are the ones that I eventually get around to creating and the others, well. . . Thank God for his grace!

  3. Oh my, Ann! Tarnished Royalty is certainly more than what meets the eye. Yay God! I was so attracted to your jewelry ideas, creative decor…everything! ***** I should have known you are also a DAUGHTER OF THE KING! Your lovely business is SO aptly named for more than one reason…how grateful I am to have discovered your site…I cannot wait to further explore your gift of sharing your creative talent. It’s so clear that the talent you have comes from the…Master!
    Warmly, Dianna

  4. Ann, what a delight to come upon your blog. May the Lord continue to shine His light in your world. We count on Christ each day to oversee our world. I am not so faithful to post on my own blog. I was drawn to your from pinterest, Your blog name spoke to me immediately of God’s ability and willingness to take us where we are, tattered, tarnished and redeem us! Just as he is able to refresh and restore us daily! Blessings in your efforts.

    In Christ,

    1. Hello Robyn! Your visit and comments brightened my day! Thanks for taking the time to let me know you were here. Have a wonderful week! ~Ann

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