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Summertime = Light and Lacy

Today I have a new
s*u*m*m*e*r*y necklace
to show you.
Yes, I know fall is creeping up on us,
but there’s still time to have fun with summer fashion!
I created it from old lace,
stacked like the book page garlands
you may have seen in vintage décor lately.
It’s super lightweight
with a silver tone chain and vintage pearls.
Pair it with jeans or a summer skirt.
This and other fun and funky summer pieces can be found at
(I’m working on a matching pair of dangle earrings that I’ll show you soon).
Enjoy your week while it’s still glorious summer!

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Delight Thyself

I’d like to share with you a sweet little find I made a few years ago. I picked up this tiny metal plaque at a garage sale.

This has always been a favorite scripture verse of mine.
It keeps me on the right track whenever I get distracted by all that glitters.
It is housed in this aqua cupboard, another favorite find at a tag sale.
Whenever I walk by it I’m reminded of a caring God that knows the desires of my heart
and gives me what is best for me.

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Lighting: The Jewelry for My Wine Cellar

I’m not ready for the full wine cellar reveal yet, so I decided to show some
lighting and accessory choices I have been making.
I found these lanterns at a local store and my hubbs is going to electrify them for me.
The barn wood color has just the feel I was looking for.
Lighting can have such an impact on a room design. With its sparkle and glow factor,
I like to think of it as the jewelry in a space.
 These gorgeous ceiling tins that I purchased from my friend Claudia are going to become art on the walls,
I’m thinking in the form of a scrappy metal collage.
OK, that’s all the peeking for now. I’ll have more wine cellar reno updates in future posts.
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Do You Ooze Style?

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What’s Your Number?

By now I’m sure you have all noticed the numbers craze in the decorating and fashion world. I love their graphic appeal. They add whimsy and evoke curiosity.
Why that number? What does it mean?
Rhyme or reason is unnecessary here, the particular number displayed on your basket, mug or jewelry doesn’t have to mean anything (unless of course you have a lucky one). The randomness is part of the fun.
88 etched on your earrings, a big 2 dangling from your necklace, numbers clinking around your wrist on a charm bracelet.
Unlike the use of letters for monograms, abbreviations or words,
number choices don’t have to make sense.
And sometimes you just need a little nonsense in your life!
for 1
am all 4
using numbers to decor8! 
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