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The Journey of 515 Days Starts With One Step

I want to wish my readers (if there are any of you left!) a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It’s been seven months since my last post. I didn’t intend to fall off the radar it just sort of happened. I won’t go into ALL the details, that would end up being a three page post, which neither you nor I have time for. So I will try to sum things up using an economy of words.

When we put our house on the market back in the spring of 2016 I never imagined it would be nearly a year and a half before we were through the ordeal of selling and moving and finally getting settled in another house. After a few offers and contracts falling through we accepted the offer of a sweet young couple that wanted a closing date five months out. Good thing because it took every bit of that to purge, pack and hold my living estate sale.

Looking back, I know I never want to go through that again. There were so many difficult steps, both physically and emotionally. At times I wasn’t sure I’d live through it! We’ve been in our new, much smaller, more efficient home since the end of September and it feels great to be lighter on possessions. I brought a few of my most favoritest antique pieces but sold waaaay more than I kept. I’ll pick up a few more contemporary pieces to update the look but am resolved to stay light enough to actually have some empty space in closets. Getting rid of 23 years’ accumulation was enough to ensure that.

We purchased a very modest split foyer home in a lovely neighborhood. The house needs some updating but it’s fine for now. I need some time to recuperate before jumping into any projects.

Here’s a peek at the dining room.


I hope to share more of the house later. Gary is holding steady and we’ve started a new protocol with a new neurologist that practices functional medicine. Hoping to see continued improvement. Will share more about that too.

This picture was taken at church a couple of weeks ago.

Back in November we had such fun dressing in Gatsby style and dancing to a live swing band.

I hope you’re staying warm and safe.

Till next year,


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