DIY Pearl Nest

I hope you enjoyed Memorial Day weekend and did something you love with someone you love. Summer is here! I love a good nest year round, no matter the weather. The post that follows is one of my most popular ever, a super easy DIY pearl nest. I love a project that you can put together in an hour or less and this is one of those.

Nests seem to have become a decorating staple. Who doesn’t love a good nest in their decor? Over the years I have created a few variations of this sweet spring symbol, one made from rusty wire, another from tulle. I have a couple of real nests I incorporate into my decorating too. Today I’m going to show you how to make a pearl nest.

Supply list: Just pearls and wire!

String your pearls on wire using random sizes and shades of white. Your nest will be made up of two sections so you’ll need to string two separate pearl strands. To build the nest, start with a tight coil as the center of section one.

Then wind it around in a messy bundle.

Section two will be more of an organized mess. Weave the strands in and out and around to form another bundle.

Now take the second section and place it on section one and attach with small pieces of wire.

At this point in the project, I just scrunched around and pinched until I molded the nest into a shape that was wider at the top rim and got narrower towards the bottom.

Fill with moss and eggs to complete the look! I couldn’t find my stash of tiny eggs so I used painted acorns. Display your designer nest under a cloche, on top of a candlestick, with other nests or by itself for a dazzling spring welcome!

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