Holiday Dressed Doors

I hope you all had a joyful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior. Ours was very different this year but keeping the focus on the true meaning gave us a reason to celebrate. I was looking through my photos of doors gone by and decided to show you what my Christmas door has looked like over the years.


2006, before we had new stucco put on the house. Gray door, gray stucco. I liked the weathered look but the insurance company did not (there were chunks of it missing, showing brick underneath, considered a hazard.)


2009, same stucco, different door color, different wreath.


2014, new stucco, teal door, tweaked wreath.


2016, black door, same wreath. I wanted to re-do the wreath with red, green and plaid so it would pop against the black door but didn’t get it done. There’s always next year if we have a black door wherever we end up. Or maybe…it will be…a red door? And that would be okay too.

The house hasn’t sold and we took it off the market over the holidays. We’ll relist it some time in the next few months. Here’s to finding the beauty in 2017.


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6 thoughts on “Holiday Dressed Doors

  1. Amazing differences! I think I like the black one the best as it seems to have a certain dignity worthy of the incredible relief work. It was funny as I went through the pictures, I thought the one I was looking at was the best one and that kept happening until the end.

  2. Hi Ann,
    I love the new black door. I know after the first of the year when you put it back on the market it will sell. It just takes the right buyer and yours will come. I hope when you begin looking to find your new home you will find one that feels right and comfy. May 2017 bring much better health and hopefully improvement for your hubby and less stress and more joy in your life.

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