A Little Christmas Tour

Here we are less than a week before Christmas. Not sure how we got here already. The sights and sounds are bringing me joy once again, even when my world is topsy turvy. I draw nearer to Christ and think more on the reason for the season. Just wanted to pop in and share a bit of Christmas cheer from my house to yours with a mini Christmas tour.


I made this plaid garland by tearing up one of my son’s old shirts.


Last year I showed you a different display on my buffet using these same black iron lantern frames and told you there was an interesting story behind them but I never told you what it was!


Well, a few years ago my husband was putting Christmas trees in the urns on the concrete columns that flank our front steps. He noticed the top of the column was crooked and straightened it. This led to him lifting it all the way off the column and looking down inside. Guess what he discovered? Yep, the black iron lantern frames, one placed inside each column. We had lived here for almost twenty years when he made the discovery. Of course we speculated that they must have been used there at one time, lighting the path. And I of course was thrilled to put them to an entirely new use as rustic indoor décor.


I tore one more strip from the old plaid shirt to give my woodland reindeer a scarf. Doesn’t he look dashing?


I took these two pictures last year and never posted them.


I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and good will. Gary and I are doing well and I will give an update very soon.


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4 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Tour

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kris, and letting me know I’m missed. So sweet! I hope your Christmas was wonderful and you will have many blessings in the new year! Hugs!

  1. Hi Ann, How nice to hear from you and Gary before Christmas. I got TWO ideas for decorating the shop from this post so you gave my weary decorating brain a Christmas present for next year. Aren’t those lamp frames fabulous? What a surprise to find them like that. Love the plaid and I can’t think now why we ever quit wearing it earlier in our lives. I wore it in the 50’s and the 70’s and now it is such a hit again this winter of 2016. That is a long time. Ann, if you get time, sometime, will you let us know how you hung the typewriter? Is it just wire around the platen and then hung on a stout nail or or is it on a bracket. Please tell Gary that his fan club is still going strong! Love ya, Ann.

    1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Ginene. It makes me happy to know that you got some decorating ideas from my post, thank you for letting me know. As for the typewriter, all we did was put two nails securely in the wall. The underside of the typewriter had enough of an edge, sort of a lip, to balance on the nails. It hasn’t moved a bit in all the time I’ve had it there. It might also be a good idea to add some adhesive strips for extra stability if one were concerned. Hugs!

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