This Christmas I Choose Joy

Hello Friends. I know I have been MIA and have not posted or visited other blogs for quite some time. My heart is heavy with some changes going on in my world. The changes are of a very personal nature and I’m not ready to divulge all the information. I would just ask that if you believe in the power of prayer, please keep my husband Gary in your prayers.

gary_blower_a gary_blower_b

I took these pictures in November. One day I pulled in the driveway as he was leaf blowing. When he saw me he began to play the blower like a guitar. I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and getting some shots of him. He humored me happily. That’s the kind of guy he is.

My comfort comes from the Lord and I choose joy during this holiday season. Here is a shot of the dining room buffet decorated for Christmas.



I used greenery that I cut from one of the trees on our property. The branches were covered in these cute mini pinecones.


There’s a very interesting story behind this pair of lanterns. I will share it in a future post.

I don’t know when I’ll post again, so for now I wish you a Merry Christmas
filled with joy, peace and wonder.


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13 thoughts on “This Christmas I Choose Joy

  1. Ann,
    What ever is going on with your hubby I will keep both of you in my prayers. I believe in the power of prayer and have seen it work so I hope everyone’s prayers will help. Such cute pics of your hubby with his leaf blower lol! Merry Christmas.

  2. Dear Ann,I do believe in the power of prayer,and I know for sure it works. It has helped me and my family at different times,and if you have faith,which I do, your prayers will be answered. I do hope all goes well, for your husband and you. Have a blessed Christmas.

  3. Ann, Gary is a riot!
    Something major with one of the men in my family, too. Gary looks strong and healthy. He doesn’t look like anything could stop him.
    I’ll keep Gary and you in my prayers tonight and I am sending you good energy. I think of you as a friend. Thought there was something special about you since the first day I met you on-line. Wishing you and he the best.

  4. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6

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