What’s Your Number?

By now I’m sure you have all noticed the numbers craze in the decorating and fashion world. I love their graphic appeal. They add whimsy and evoke curiosity.
Why that number? What does it mean?
Rhyme or reason is unnecessary here, the particular number displayed on your basket, mug or jewelry doesn’t have to mean anything (unless of course you have a lucky one). The randomness is part of the fun.
88 etched on your earrings, a big 2 dangling from your necklace, numbers clinking around your wrist on a charm bracelet.
Unlike the use of letters for monograms, abbreviations or words,
number choices don’t have to make sense.
And sometimes you just need a little nonsense in your life!
for 1
am all 4
using numbers to decor8! 
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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Number?

  1. Oh, I have such a number fetish. Love 7 and 17 because it’s my birthday and we had seven members in our family. But then I too like the randomness and any number suits me to a tee. They just make me happy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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