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Enchanted Evening Set Up

We’re getting ready for a big event here on the Tarnished estate. Friends of ours have a son marrying the daughter of other dear friends and they have asked us to host the rehearsal dinner on our grounds. So we’ve been super busy beautifying the landscape, the wine cellar, the house, the porch, etc. It’s an exciting time around here and I’ll have scads of photos to share later, but for now wanted to give you a sneak peak of what the event has in store.
Praying for the rain to end in time as forecasted. More to come!
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How to Make a Wreath for Much Much Less

I am happy to have finally added a new spring wreath to my front door.
We have had construction going on, new stucco application,
and I was unable to make it pretty until now.
 I      just      hate
paying the going prices for wreaths, so I always make my own.
I started with a garland that I bought at 40% off with a coupon from my local hobby store, then picked up some stems that I purchased for half price. And instead of paying another $6 for a wire wreath form (I’m cheap), I used wire hangers – yes, they are actually good for something!
I put it all together and it looked like this.
(my door needs another coat of paint ; ) )
I like it simple, but I wasn’t quite happy with it yet. So I added some white daisies I already had.
So for around $25 I have a wreath I love!
And a door that is welcoming.
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Fresh Finds

My most recent treasure hunt yielded these baubles and bits.
They will soon become jewelry, crown finials, etc. etc.
More buttons to add to my ridiculously large stash,
but come on really, who could pass up these beauties?
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Oh the Possibilities

I think that’s why I love old frames so much,
they’re a treasure trove of design possibilities.
They can be
filled with pictures,
found objects.
You name it ~ someone’s framed it.


I personally love them empty.
When I get around to it, these will become art on the walls of my home.
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Is It Barefoot Weather Yet???

It’s May 2 and it’s snowing today. How unexpected yet beautiful in a way. I must confess, I love snow. But not when it’s supposed to be spring! This time of year, I much prefer barefoot weather and butterflies.

In a few days, the snow will be gone and I’ll be able to show off my pedicure.
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