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DIY Double Dip Flip: From Dress to Tassel


Welcome to our first ever DIY Double Dip Flip! Heather and I are very excited to share our DIY inspiration with you, born out of our passion for both decor and fashion. For each installment in this series, we’ll start with an inspiration piece from either fashion or decor. Then we will each show you our unique take on how to use the idea on something entirely different in decor or fashion.

Are you ready to see our first inspiration piece?

Isn’t this a beautiful dress? The Dress

Here’s how I interpreted the design to make a hanging ball tassel.

Using teal chiffon I created a piece that would show off the floaty feeling of the fabric.I used jute twine to add a rustic contrast to the formal chiffon.

A single tassel can add interest to a doorknob, a chandelier or other hanging light.

Other fun ways to decorate with ball tassels:
v How about a pair used as curtain tie backs?
v A string of tassels hung loosely as a garland on a mantel
v A mix of large and small for fun and different party decorations
v I can see them hanging by the DOZENS in white or ivory for a WEDDING or shower

Of course the color possibilities are endless.

Now for the tutorial portion of the post:

Cut three pieces of fabric, 7 inches wide by 14 inches long each (1/3 yard of fabric was plenty to do one tassel ball).

Cut strips of varying widths in each piece of fabric, stopping 8 inches in, lengthwise.

Twist off the tassel portion of each piece of fabric using an elastic hair band or wire (I forgot to show this in the supplies graphic).

Cut a 1/2 inch hole in each end of a 3 inch Styrofoam ball. The hole doesn’t need to go all the way through, just about a half inch or so.

Place the ball on the non-strip portion of the first piece of fabric. Bringing the fabric to the top of the ball, twist and tuck the fabric into the hole. Place a drop of glue on a straight pin and push it inside the hole to secure the fabric.

Push the twisted part of the strip portion into the hole in the bottom of the ball. Place a drop of glue on a straight pin and push it inside the hole to secure the fabric.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the other two pieces of fabric, slightly overlapping each piece.

Cut a piece of twine a couple inches longer than you want your hanger to be. Tie the two ends of the twine together to form a knot. Tuck the knot inside the hole at the top of the ball, then dot a straight pin with glue and push into the knot to secure. Repeat with a second pin for extra holding power.

Cut another piece of twine to wrap around the top of the “fringe.” Wrap the twine around a few times, tie off and tuck the ends in the hole at the bottom of the ball.

Thank you so much for stopping in. Heather has a fantastic project to share with you using the same beautiful dress as her inspiration. She went a totally different direction with hers and I know you’ll love it. Be sure to check out Heather’s flip!


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A Magical Night

Starting to catch my breath after a whirlwind few weeks.
The rehearsal dinner for our friends’ kids went off without a hitch.
It was a beautiful night with lots of laughter and many memories made.
Here are a few pictures of the event held at our home.
This shed houses the stairway to the wine cellar.

Stairway to the wine cellar.
We have been renovating this old cellar and I will soon post before and after pics.

The beautiful bride
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