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Listening is a Giving Thing

I have a special place in my heart for good listeners. I think they’re somewhat of a rarity. Finding a good listener is like finding a treasure. You may have to look long and hard to find someone who will really listen, but when you do it is totally life-affirming. I’m happy to have people in my life like that.

The world is full of non-listeners. People who feign listening, while allowing their eyes to be drawn like a magnet to everyone but you. You know the type ~ people who throw an occasional glance and head bob your way, giving you obligatory affirmation at best. It’s like they’re trying, but they just can’t give you the attention you deserve.

Here are a few more examples of “listeners” I have observed:

ë The Interrupter ~ the person who loves to hear the sound of their own voice so much that they cut you off at the pass.

ë The Fixated-On-Your-Mouth Listener, who makes you wonder what substance must be lurking between your teeth to hold such uncanny interest.

ë The I Can’t Wait Till You Finish What You’re Saying So I Can Say What I’m Thinking Listener. Sure, we’re all guilty of that from time to time.

And then there’s the good listener. The one who looks you square in the eyes with no hidden agenda. Who unselfishly puts her own thoughts aside long enough to engage with another human being, giving genuine attention to the one speaking. Who listens intently whether it’s a subject of paramount importance to her own life or not. Period.

Listening is a giving thing. It is often an unselfish thing and sometimes sacrificial. It is most definitely a validating thing. To anyone who will listen (anyone?) I bestow my deepest respect.


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ish …a tiny suffix that has become a cherished part of my vocabulary. What other three letters can you add on to any word in any statement to give you license to exaggerate?


Three letters that come in very handy when I’m telling my husband what time I’ll be home from girls’ night out; when I’m explaining how much I’ve spent shopping; when describing the size of my shoe collection; when confessing the number of cookies I ate in one sitting.

Not sure I would use it when I need to be professional…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am well meaning when I use “ish” and I only use it when I’m truly not exactly sure of the precise measurements in a given situation or to soften the blow when delivering the cold hard facts.

Still, I think I’ll try to cut down on the use of it.

I’ll make it number 20-ish on my to-do list.


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My Top Five Awkward Moments


I can be too serious if I’m not careful. So I have to purposely inject a little humor in my day to lighten up and feel happy some days. My goal today is to infuse your day with some of the best medicine there is, laughter. I admit to experiencing all of the following awkward scenarios, and dare to say some of you have too.

The Ear Lock:You go in for a hug and your ear has its own agenda ~ to hook up with the other person’s ear. Awkward.

The Pinball Glance: You’re caught glancing at someone, you look away then look back, just as they look away and look back, triggering a pinball effect of shifty glances that neither party can seem to stop.

Where’s the fire? You’re sitting around in a group and everyone leaves the room simultaneously, except for you and the one person in the group you haven’t met or don’t know. You are tempted to bolt out like the room is on fire but your civilized voice keeps you there, trying to think of something to say.

The Intercepted Wave: You’re caught in the middle of an across-the-room, person to person wave. You’re pretty sure the person is looking right at you, and since you don’t want to appear rude, you wave back, just as you turn your head to see the real target of the wave. So you do what we all do in that situation, smooth your hair and act as if nothing happened.

The Deer in Headlights Eater: You walk into the kitchen unannounced and surprise someone just as they’re hunched over a piece of food, looking up guiltily. You act as though you don’t notice but it’s too late ~ the animalistic vibe is out there.

If you felt uncomfortable while reading any of these examples, then I have done my job today. If I made you laugh, then you have made my day.


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GIRLS WANT PEARLS: Swine and Pearls Don’t Mix

Welcome to this Monday’s
Girls Want Pearls!
“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.” Matt 7:6
In other words, everyone may not see the beauty in things your beautiful soul sees. While thinking about how to best illustrate this scripture, I came up with
2 fanciful versions
2 practical ones.

Imagine giving pigs tickets to a runway show and asking them to critique the fashion.
source,modification mine; source

It would not only be absurd, it would be a waste of perfectly good seats.
It would be equally absurd to adorn pigs in the mire with pearls.
source,modification mine
Have you ever shared something near and dear to your heart with someone only to have them scoff or seem uninterested? If you have, you have probably learned to pick and choose carefully
who you share your dreams and secrets with.
I have strong moral and political views but I don’t share them on facebook where they will get trampled and become a magnet for all sorts of uninformed opinions and comments.
On a lighter note, it would be comical for me to conduct a tutorial with a group of men on how to make a pearl necklace anything. Now I’m not saying that men are swine, I would NEVER say that.
But would it kill them to pick up their dirty socks once in a while?
Just kidding, I love and respect my man. And I know that there are men that create lovely jewelry.

I think it’s about finding your audience. We all have different people in our lives that we connect with in different ways. And there will be the occasional “swine” to deal with.
When that happens, just hold onto your pearls until the squealing stops.
Next week’s hint: Cheers!
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