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Girls Want Pearls: Pumpkin Head Pearly Girl

Welcome to Girls Want Pearls!
I have an idea for using your pearls this week in a very whimsical, festive way, starring my favorite pumpkin,
the Baby Boo.
I was inspired by the pumpkin head people illustrations on vintage postcards and paper goods.
A  Pumpkin Head Pearly Girl! 

 Here’s what you’ll need:


Bundle your straw to form two arms and a body. I used twine to tie up each bundle.
Cut straight part of hanger to desired height, according to the length of your doll dress.

Start by poking the hanger piece into the pumpkin from the bottom. It goes in pretty easily so be careful not to push through to the other side.

To make the face: Make tiny pin pricks to draw in the face. Thread a pearl onto a straight pin and poke it into the pumpkin. Continue this until each of the pin pricks is filled.

Run the hanger through the center of the straw body bundle, pushing the fanned out straw up to the neck area.

Run a thin wire (forgot to picture in supplies) through the two arm bundles to connect them, leaving space in between for the body. Wrap the wire around the body, criss crossing the arms a few times to hold.

Dress the body and put the arms through the sleeves, leaving some straw poking through. Fill in with polyfil as desired.

Wrap pearl strand around your pumpkin girl’s waist and tie in a knot for a pretty pearl belt.
Optional: tie with twine or jute first.

Poke bottom of hanger wire into your block of styrofoam. Please note: the foam pictured is smaller than what I actually used. Your block should be large enough to balance the weight of the pumkin head. Mine was approx. 3″ by 3″ by 3″.

Attach pieces/bundles of straw to the foam base, extending them out to peek from the bottom of the dress.

 Your pearly pumpkinhead girl is ready to charm your home for fall.
She could also be a great addition to a Thanksgiving centerpiece.
As always, feel free to ask any questions concerning construction of this project!
Tip: She can be used in your décor year after year.
At season’s end just pull out the face pearls and toss the baby boo.
Store the body away and next year just add a fresh baby boo.

Next week’s Girls Want Pearls hint: Now you see me, now you don’t

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