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DIY Double Dip Flip: From Dress to Tassel


Welcome to our first ever DIY Double Dip Flip! Heather and I are very excited to share our DIY inspiration with you, born out of our passion for both decor and fashion. For each installment in this series, we’ll start with an inspiration piece from either fashion or decor. Then we will each show you our unique take on how to use the idea on something entirely different in decor or fashion.

Are you ready to see our first inspiration piece?

Isn’t this a beautiful dress? The Dress

Here’s how I interpreted the design to make a hanging ball tassel.

Using teal chiffon I created a piece that would show off the floaty feeling of the fabric.I used jute twine to add a rustic contrast to the formal chiffon.

A single tassel can add interest to a doorknob, a chandelier or other hanging light.

Other fun ways to decorate with ball tassels:
v How about a pair used as curtain tie backs?
v A string of tassels hung loosely as a garland on a mantel
v A mix of large and small for fun and different party decorations
v I can see them hanging by the DOZENS in white or ivory for a WEDDING or shower

Of course the color possibilities are endless.

Now for the tutorial portion of the post:

Cut three pieces of fabric, 7 inches wide by 14 inches long each (1/3 yard of fabric was plenty to do one tassel ball).

Cut strips of varying widths in each piece of fabric, stopping 8 inches in, lengthwise.

Twist off the tassel portion of each piece of fabric using an elastic hair band or wire (I forgot to show this in the supplies graphic).

Cut a 1/2 inch hole in each end of a 3 inch Styrofoam ball. The hole doesn’t need to go all the way through, just about a half inch or so.

Place the ball on the non-strip portion of the first piece of fabric. Bringing the fabric to the top of the ball, twist and tuck the fabric into the hole. Place a drop of glue on a straight pin and push it inside the hole to secure the fabric.

Push the twisted part of the strip portion into the hole in the bottom of the ball. Place a drop of glue on a straight pin and push it inside the hole to secure the fabric.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the other two pieces of fabric, slightly overlapping each piece.

Cut a piece of twine a couple inches longer than you want your hanger to be. Tie the two ends of the twine together to form a knot. Tuck the knot inside the hole at the top of the ball, then dot a straight pin with glue and push into the knot to secure. Repeat with a second pin for extra holding power.

Cut another piece of twine to wrap around the top of the “fringe.” Wrap the twine around a few times, tie off and tuck the ends in the hole at the bottom of the ball.

Thank you so much for stopping in. Heather has a fantastic project to share with you using the same beautiful dress as her inspiration. She went a totally different direction with hers and I know you’ll love it. Be sure to check out Heather’s flip!


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Cheap, Easy DIY + New Series Announcement

Hey readers! Today I have a cheap, easy DIY project to show you. Now that we’re on the other side of January, it feels like there’s light at the end of the winter tunnel. It’s the perfect time to get out some of those projects that you keep meaning to get to before the really nice weather gets here and all you want to do is play! This project is one that I planned last summer when I was putting the finishing touches on the wine cellar / man cave. Keeping with both the masculine look and the minimal budget, I hunted through yard sales to find some “manly” animal figures. Since I was going to paint them gold and white, I didn’t care how ugly they were. A little paint can do wonders!

Here’s the before picture of a few pieces I came up with. Some plastic deer, one that had flocked “fur” and an eagle cologne bottle.

How different they look with just a couple of coats of spray paint!

I didn’t prime the items, I just roughed them up a tiny bit with sandpaper and sprayed metallic gold paint on some and white on the others. They won’t really be handled, so it should wear fine.

And for a really cheap (like free!) but impactful display just gather some branches and spray.

Now I have some exciting news! I’m teaming up with Heather of Woods of Bell Trees for a brand new series all about DIY!

We’re calling it DIY Double Dip Flip. We’ll take our queue from a trending technique in fashion and show you our 2 takes using the same inspiration on a decor piece. And sometimes the decor piece will be our inspiration for some fun DIY twists with fashion.

Our first flip will be this Monday. Stay tuned for a double dip of DIY inspiration!


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A Tunic and a Long Necklace

I love a good tunic. Tunics cover your bum when you are feeling modest.


A tunic is not quite a dress but a little more than just a top. They go perfectly with leggings which go perfectly with a no-jeans kind of day.


And tunics are great for showing off a long necklace.


I layered a lace top underneath the gray tunic to tie in with the lace of the necklace. My long necklace is one I created using a rusty piece of hardware as the base, covered in vintage lace and adorned with a chunky red vintage button. The small pop of red was enough color to keep my outfit from feeling drab and dreary like the winter days we’ve been having.



Wearing a tunic and leggings is much like wearing a dress and tights. Often times I feel like an occasion doesn’t quite call for a dress. When I want to wear something just a little more casual I pull out my tunic. Now that I have sung the praises of tunics, I think I need to get a couple more!


Here I am wearing the same outfit in our newly renovated wine cellar where we hosted our couples Christmas party this past December.


And here are the guys at the same party, showing off their looks.


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Leopard Love

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit so I decided to share what I wore to church a couple of weeks ago. I’ve shown this leopard vest in an outfit before, where I paired it with shorts, tights and a button down shirt.


It’s super soft and cozy so I reach for it every chance I get. It goes with any color and even works with print mixing. I love that it has both brown and black in it.


Here I have it paired with pants that have a tiny houndstooth pattern in black and white, and black boots. In the previous outfit I paired it with brown tights and brown boots. I chose a basic scoop neck top in cobalt for a pop of color and to dress it down a little bit.


Red leather gloves add more color and interest and were just enough warmth for the 40-ish temps that day.


I kept my jewelry simple with blue drop earrings and a bracelet from my own collection stacked with a couple of beaded bracelets.

One of the things I love about leopard and other animal prints is how it can make an otherwise stuffy outfit feel relaxed and playful. It’s impossible to wear it and feel like a bore! Are you a fan of animal prints? Meow.


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Wardrobe Reinvention + Shopping Checklist Printable

Everyone gets tired of their wardrobe from time to time. Clothing options can sometimes become boring for me even after it seems like I just shopped the mother lode. Right now I have other things I have to spend money on. Sigh. If I had Christmas money to spend right now, and I were going to do some clothes shopping, here are two outfits I would put right in my closet.



If you’re in the same boat ~ tired of your wardrobe, getting the itch to buy some new clothes but it’s not in the budget ~ allow me to share a tip I have used to reignite my enthusiasm for the clothing and accessories I have to work with. This is a great winter weekend project. You’ll need to allow about two hours (give or take) to do this exercise but it will be so worth it.

1. Pull out 4 or 5 of your favorite layering tops (underneath layer). Choose tops that have some kind of detail front and center like lace, shirring, cutouts, etc.

2. Pull out 4 or 5 top layer pieces > jackets, see-through tops, button-down shirts, low-cut tops, etc.

3. Decide if you want to put together dressy outfits or casual (or both) and choose 4 or 5 bottom pieces accordingly (pants, skirts, shorts, jeans).

4. Now comes the fun part. Take each top layer piece and pair it with any of the under layer pieces that coordinate in color or style, keeping them on the hangers or laying them down in sets.

5. Add a bottom layer piece to each paired combo.

6. This step is crucial and I urge you not to skip it: Try them on! Yes it will take time but think of it as a shopping trip. Combinations that look good on the hangers might not look great on you, and vice versa. Things like length of top, cling factor, fullness and structure dictate how they will fall and mesh together. This is where it takes patience but once you find a combo that works you’ll have an outfit that flatters and you will feel great in it.

7. In my experience, some pieces go with everything and some don’t work with anything. Those in the second category (I call them loners) are pieces that I either get rid of or, if it’s something I really love, make a note to find something to pair it with next time I go shopping.

8. This might be my favorite part of the whole process. Once you have decided what works together, lay out your winning outfits and go to your jewelry stash. Play around with different pieces, try out-of-the-box color combinations, layer up on necklaces and bracelets. Take a fresh look at your cache and use it to the fullest to bling up your outfit.

9. At this point in the process, it may be a good idea to take pictures of your outfits, because if you’re like me, once everything is back in the closet you’re likely to forget (or not see) the exact combinations you put together.

10. You will be amazed at the new outfits you discover if you think outside the box. Now you can look forward to the next event in your life, be it coffee with the girls, date night or Sunday church, knowing you will feel pulled together and polished.

Just because you don’t have any immediate plans to go on a shopping spree, that doesn’t mean you’ll never buy anything new again. With the eventual shopping splurge in mind, I created two shopping checklists ~ one for your clothing and one for your accessories ~ for you to print and keep handy to stay tuned in to your closet and accessory “inventory”.

Use this checklist to take inventory before you shop. Just write “Have” or “Need” in the spaces to help you decide what CLOTHING to buy.


Use this checklist to take inventory before you shop. Just write “Have” or “Need” in the spaces to help you decide what ACCESSORIES to buy.

Do you have any tips for overcoming boredom with your wardrobe? Do share!


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Earrings in the Studio: Junk Jubilee Jingles Preview Part 2

As the countdown continues, I am wrapping up all the earring designs I will have with me to sell at Junk Jubilee Jingles. The event will be held at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 14, 15 and 16, 2014. Last week I showed you some bracelets, just a small sampling of the over 100 bracelet designs I will have for sale.

This week’s preview features earrings.


These designs are all brand new and will be making their debut at the show, along with close to 100 other earring designs.

For this patriotic pair, I cut out and embellished vintage military stars.

I love to come up with new ways to use old lace.

I’ve made several of these hand cut leather crosses, in lots of colors and styles.

I have close to 100 pairs of earrings that I will be bringing to sell, each with its own one-of-a-kind design. If you live anywhere near Des Moines, I hope you make plans to attend the show. It’s worth a few hours drive for sure, and you can get a bunch of Christmas shopping done early!

Next up: Brand new necklace designs. Thanks for dropping by!


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