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An Aqua Cupboard and Brown Transferware

By now you may have seen most of my farmhouse kitchen reveal. The final thing I would like to show you is in the far corner behind the peninsula.


This little aqua cupboard is a piece I picked up at an estate sale several years ago. It was this color when I bought it and I didn’t have to do a thing to it other than fill it with treasures.farmhouse_kitchen_reno_after_24


And fill it I have!

I previously had a hodge podge of mostly vintage dishes and glassware displayed inside. I have a small but growing collection of brown transferware that was scattered here and there, mostly unnoticed. I wasn’t doing it justice so I decided that the aqua cupboard was the perfect home for it. I love the visual impact that grouping a collection brings.


One of the amazing things about the cupboard is the way it was made.

The inside has stair step notches running from top to bottom on each side. The notches allow for every possible shelf adjustment imaginable.They don’t make them like they used to!

My favorite piece in the collection is this bowl that my mom used next to her kitchen sink to hold her sponge.




I wouldn’t say I’m on the hunt for more brown transferware, but if I just happen to come across any at a rock bottom price I’ll make room for it in my collection.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal Part 2

Welcome to my farmhouse kitchen reveal, part 2!

You can see Part 1 here, including some before pictures.
My vintage GE kitchen mixer found years ago at a garage sale for $10, and yes, I use it!


My mail center consists of a vintage scale, a metal basket from Hobby Lobby painted the same color, a jar to hold pens, pencils and letter opener, and magnets to hold important things like KC Royals tickets!

You may have been expecting to see my cabinets painted white, considering that I am moving toward a farmhouse style. Don’t think I didn’t think about it! I went so far as to mention the possibility to my husband who does all the painting around here. He was against it. Not because of the work involved (he actually enjoys painting) but because he likes the cabinets in their cherry state.

I picked them out fifteen years ago when we did a complete gutting of the kitchen, but I had started entertaining the idea of painting them. Well, he gets his way this time since he hardly ever does! He very rarely has an opinion on decorating and I usually get to make all the decisions!


This is what the top of my fridge looked like before the makeover. The wine rack was never meant to stay.


I’ll eventually have a matching cabinet above, but in the meantime I discovered that this little cabinet that I previously had in my living room fit nicely in the spot. And the wine rack is much more suited to its new place above the corner cabinet.

You may remember this box from a previous flea market finds post. I white washed it and set some succulent pots inside.

To the right of my refrigerator sits my all important coffee station. I wanted to put together a little coffee mug display on some sort of pedestal stand. After trying a couple of things I already had and even buying something new only to bring it home and not like it, I decided to create my own stand. As I envisioned what I wanted it to look like the thought entered my mind that it would be cute with casters.

Everything I used to put the pedestal stand together were elements I already had, with the exception of one caster. Later in another post I’ll share how plywood circles, cane strips and a small metal candlestick all came together to create my rolling pedestal stand.

I used a small, old, zinc paper cutter as a tray to hold “the fixins”. I placed a faux flower stem in an upturned glass funnel to add softness.

Thank you for taking time to look around with me. That’s just about it for this reveal. I just have one more area to show you in another post. It involves a favorite piece of furniture and a vintage collection. Come back soon!


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Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

Hello! Happy start of a brand new week! I’m very excited to finally be sharing the reveal of my farmhouse kitchen makeover. I have a lot to show you so I’m going to break it down into 2 or 3 posts to avoid photo overload.

Here we go!


And after…
The first thing we did was give it a fresh coat of paint. We used Benjamin Moore Crystalline, the same color we used in the breakfast nook.


While my husband painted I got busy on my window treatments.

Fifteen years ago when we replaced our tiny little kitchen window with this huge window, I was unwilling to cover the view at all. So I have not had any window treatments on it for all that time. The problem is, the window faces west and just about time to prepare dinner the sun is at its brightest / hottest. After pondering what to do to add softness to the window and provide protection from the sun, while not obstructing the view I finally came up with a solution I love.


I wanted something that I could take down completely rather than just push aside. I also wanted to add some rustic elements to the window. Step one was to focus on the center portion of the window. My husband and I stripped the green paint off two big window screens that just happened to fit perfectly in my two windows (one had to have some slight tweaking to the size.) Then I added old hooks from which I would hang fabric that I tea stained.

I can easily hang them at that time of day when the sun is an annoyance, as well as at night if I want privacy. The rest of the time I can hang them on a vintage coat tree in the corner where I keep a few aprons.

Once that issue was solved I started thinking about making Roman shades for the two smaller windows that flank the larger one. I found a great tutorial on making faux relaxed Roman shades using vinyl roller shades as the base. I knew I wanted a grain sack look so once again I tea stained some fabric and then painted on the stripes using painters tape to create straight lines in the widths I wanted them to be.


I can roll them up as high as I want and pull them down to the bottom when I want complete coverage.

I’m so happy with my new window treatments!

The other window in the kitchen / breakfast nook had the same story, so I used the second stripped window frame with added hooks to create a similar look.

And when I don’t need the fabric up I love the bare rustic wood frame propped in the window.


Here’s what it looked like before:


Just a few more shots before I conclude part one of my kitchen makeover.


I’ll soon be replacing these glass baby boos with the real thing from my garden.


I thought I’d show you the view from my desk since that is the next area of my home I will reveal in a couple of weeks.
This is what I’m looking at as I write you each week.

In part two I’ll show you the other side of the kitchen and some more DIY projects and vignettes.

Thank you so much for allowing me to show you around my kitchen!


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