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Fall Vignettes Using What You Have

I’m a big believer in using and repurposing what I have to create a whole new look with each new season. Storage can become an issue if one buys new things every season, not to mention the fact that it’s not a budget friendly way to decorate. But that’s only part of it.

I find that the challenge to make do with things on hand causes me to be much more creative. For my dining room table I got out an old half door that I sometimes use as a vertical backdrop.
Inspired by Stone Gable’s centerpiece found at her lovely fall home tour,
I decided to use it horizontally on the table as the base for my fall vignette.
One of the keys to making one-of-a-kind vignettes is to have plenty of unique containers that can be swapped out from room to room. I like to have a mix of new and vintage. The metal basket that now holds baby boos was previously filled with candles in the bathroom. I borrowed the granite ware bucket from my kitchen window.

This big old funnel has held baby boos in past years, so this year I filled it with
cotton stems for an entirely different look.


A little unexpected sparkle among all the rustic elements.

A nest makes an appearance in every season at my house. If you missed my two other baby-boo-inspired looks, you can see the fall neutrals here and the vibrant fall color display here.
Thank you for coming by!


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New Camera and Peonies Shots

I got a new camera! It’s a camera I have wanted for a long time. Well three years feels like a long time when you have a creative yearning to capture images in the way they deserve to be captured and your cheapie camera isn’t doing them justice. I’ve never had an expensive camera. I don’t make major purchases impulsively. I mull them over for a long time, in large part because I don’t have the budget to spend money frivolously. During that time I try to do my research until I have decided which brand, model, etc. to buy. So after three years of waiting, researching and yearning, I finally have my beautiful new Canon EOS camera. I have been playing with it for the past two weeks and I have to tell you, it’s amazing! All the tiny details I could never capture clearly with my old camera are easy to capture now. Yay! So here are some of the shots I took of the heavenly peonies I picked last week.




The bushes were loaded down and overflowing, so much so that I picked enough to fill five different vessels, give away a bouquet and still have tons outside to beautify the yard.


I bought this enamelware coffee percolator at the flea market in March knowing I would put it to use holding various bouquets throughout the year.


I have so much to learn about the camera it’s mind boggling. In the meantime as I experiment with it, taking photos indoors, outdoors, far away and close up, I can tell it’s going to be a game changer for me. I am so excited to use it every opportunity I get. I have more peony shots to show you but I decided to break them up into three different posts to avoid photo (and sensory) overload.


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