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Good News and A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT + Giveaway!

After many, many months of waiting, trying my best to be cheerfully patient, and waiting some more I finally have two pieces of very happy news to share with you. I don’t know which to share first! I guess I’ll start with the one during which you, my faithful readers, have followed along with and supported me.

We have a buyer for our house!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many things about the way it transpired are ironic, but I will share just one. A major reason the selling process was so agonizing was that my obsessive and perfectionistic ways would kick in every time we had to get ready for a showing. And when you’re talking about trying to make a large house “perfect” several times a week it can be both physically and mentally exhausting. So guess what? The time it sells is the time I am out of town and had to call hubby to ask him to get the house ready for a showing. Ha! He did his best but I got home from my trip right after the couple left the showing and I have to tell you, it was FAR from perfect.

So now we have begun the search for a new home, something much smaller and simpler to care for. And I am beginning to get ready for a massive tag sale ~ I plan to sell 60% or more of all my furnishings and accessories. I’ll keep you posted on my progress on both fronts.

And now for my other


I have been working on something for months and I finally get to share it with you.

Ann Huffman Design is now open for business!


I love to share my passion for decorating and I offer many different services, including E-decorating for those who aren’t local. Check out all the ways I can help you explore the potential in your home and give you a beautiful space by clicking here or clicking on the “Design Services” tab in the menu at the top of the page.

And to celebrate the launch of my new business I’m giving away a 2-hour Shop Your House or E-decorating service! You can enter whether you’re local or not. Good luck!

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