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Patriotic Décor ~ Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue

4th of July is now a memory, a very good memory of grandkids cuddling while oooing and ahhhing at all the fireworks, tons of good bbq, and yard games with family and friends. The two weeks leading up to the 4th for me were spent 1) getting ready for and having a garage sale, then 2) being sick with upper respiratory junk and getting over exhaustion. I felt great by the 3rd so I managed to sneak in some last minute patriotic décor before guests arrived.

A partial view of my dining room/kitchen buffet.

Ironstone and transferware lend a festive feel paired with blueberries.

For a bit of whimsy I added a white metal medallion and some vintage ribbon to a military hat worn by my handmade mannequin head Miss Mood.

I think the hot item for fireworks this year were the big floating lanterns. Launching one is sort of a trick but very fun to watch. We saw them lighting up the sky all night long. The next morning we found three of them had landed in our yard.

My daughter made a festive three layer scratch cake.
The middle layer was cheesecake! Yum!

It was the first time in a long time that we hosted the event. I’m still picking up the after effects from all the outdoor festivities but I thoroughly enjoyed hosting and look forward to doing it again.

Let freedom ring!


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