Neutral Colors + Paper, Metal, Wood and Rust

Time for a house sale and moving update. Unfortunately the contract we had
on our house fell through.


fortunately another offer came in within a week and we are under contract again.


we aren’t going to close until September!

So the saga continues. Slowly working on sorting, pricing and boxing items for a grand moving sale.
This is a small sampling of the bits and baubles I will be selling. There are a lot more where these came from and since I’m moving on from making jewelry I will be getting rid of all the wonderful pieces I have squirreled away over the years.

Because of the extended closing date we haven’t been able to seriously house hunt.
Most sellers won’t want to wait that long to close and it just becomes an exercise in disappointment if we find one we love.

Until we know what our next house will be like, I’m unable to choose exactly which big pieces to keep and which ones to sell. We’ll start looking again in July or maybe a little bit sooner and will schedule the moving sale for sometime in early September.

So, what does one do when she can’t sell her wares? She buys more of course.

flea_market_finds_neutral colors

My semi annual flea market shopping was last week and these are the things I couldn’t pass up. One can never have too many vessels to hold flowers and stuff, right? Don’t answer. But especially in neutral colors. The bucket, tray and galvanized pan can all be used in various ways, in various rooms and each item was a real bargain. I got the books and chunky leg for a song. All of it could and might end up in my sale if I decide I don’t need them…


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One thought on “Neutral Colors + Paper, Metal, Wood and Rust

  1. Hi Ann,
    I am right there with you. We close at the end of this month but will not move until the middle to end of June. So I am sorting and packing away. Since we are moving to much smaller quarters I am gifting a lot of my stuff. It is less overwhelming with less stuff to pack and move to the new cottage. I am moving my mom into a senior apartment so she will get a lot of my things for her new place and my daughters are taking some things too. So it is all good. Glad you got another buyer quickly after the first one fell through. I tell ya selling and buying is not for sissy’s! The crazy that goes on with it all! Good luck on the house hunting. Hope you find the perfect place to get settled into this fall.

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