Savoring Fall

Another fall has come and almost gone. I haven’t picked up my camera in three months so yesterday I decided to go outside and take some pictures before it had left completely.


Our house hasn’t sold yet, though we have some potential buyers. I didn’t think we’d be here for another fall and it is bittersweet.


Now that I’ve processed the whole idea that we’re leaving behind this chapter of our life I’m ready to move on.


I will miss the neighbor’s cat, Bella, once we’re gone.


Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Wintery days are ahead!

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4 thoughts on “Savoring Fall

  1. We are putting our home on the market today. I hope it sells quickly. I know the feeling that once the decision as been made to sell you are ready to move on. You have to turn loose of those emotions that tie your heart to your present home and start to dream of what lies ahead. I hope come next Fall I will be in a new home in a new place. In fact I hope I am there before Winter arrives. Good Luck and I will say a prayer for a speedy sale for both of us. Jill

  2. Oh, Bella! Perhaps you’ll get a baby Bella for your own at your next home. These photographs have a distinct style in color and attitude. They are soft and sweet and nostalgic.

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