Here’s To a Better Year

I would like to wish all of my readers Happy 2016! With the old year passed and the brand new year ahead I would like to thank you for reading, commenting, supporting and be-friending me and my blog in 2015.

When I wrote this post, little did I know how much I would cling to its message in the months to come. 2015 was a difficult year for our family in many ways, not the least of which was watching my daughter and son-in-law end their ten year marriage. Our family had never been touched by divorce in any significant way prior to this. It is a very painful experience for all involved. My heart still aches every time I think of them and their three children and try to accept that their family as we know it no longer exists. I know many of you have experienced the heart-wrenching pain of divorce as well and my heart goes out to you.


In late 2015 we received news regarding my husband’s health that overshadowed even the pain of the divorce. Though I can’t share all of it in detail, he has been on sick leave since October and we don’t know when he will return to work. Because of the unknown future of his work status, I have begun looking for a full time job. We will also be putting our house on the market this spring and downsizing to something with less maintenance (i.e. move-in ready).

I don’t want this to be a lengthy post full of bad news and woes, so please allow me to share with you what I believe. God can take even the most painful, negative experiences and turn them into good. We are trusting God and leaning on Him heavily to show himself strong on our behalf. We believe that God still heals today and we are asking him to heal my husband. I am going forward with plans to prepare for the future in any event but hope to someday share a good report with you on the wonderful things God has done. Trying to get a handle on my need to know what’s next. By yielding control and trusting God who holds my future, I can rest in the knowledge that He knows the desires of my heart and wants to lead me in the very best plan for me (us). His ways are higher than our ways. I put my faith in Him.


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8 thoughts on “Here’s To a Better Year

  1. Oh Ann so sorry to hear about your daughter and SIL’s divorce. I think that is especially painful and hard for the kids. Hugs to all of them. To be dealing with health issues with your hubby just makes the stress of life even harder. I can feel your pain truly I have been through a rough 2015 and I really am praying hard God will take us to a better place in 2016. I am praying for you Ann that God will help guide you through this rough time. Life can be strolling along so nicely and then everything turns in a moment. Hugs and good wishes in the days ahead.

    1. Thank you so much Kris. You’re right, life is fragile. Going great one moment and broken the next. Your support and prayers mean so much to me. Hugs!

  2. Hang in there Ann. Faith and family are pillars for life in good times and bad. I hope 2016 and all the years that follow are filled with moments of incredible joy and love… Thinking of you.

    1. A belated thank you, Catherine. It’s so nice to know that you’re praying, really it is. I plan to post an update on the blog very soon about what’s been going on. Hope you’re well.

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