Cloudy Days and Indoor Photo Shoots

The clouds have been taunting me this week. Every time I’ve had the chance to get some photos of my kitchen it’s been one of those days where just when I’m poised to snap the picture the clouds suddenly cover the sun. Oh, and then as soon as I give up the cloud goes away and the sun shines brightly until I’m ready to click again. Arghhhh! After some very frustrating days with the camera I finally got enough decent “after” shots. I’m editing and putting together part one of my kitchen reveal and will post it Monday.

I do however want to give you a peek at the project I shared with you when I asked for help deciding on which hooks to use.

Remember these?
This style was overwhelmingly preferred by my readers. But what did I do with them?

You may remember when I shared about my recent garage sale. Well we had 20-30 of these old green windows and window screens of various sizes and shapes. I sold almost all of them but nobody wanted the really large ones and I figured I’d get stuck with them. Well, luckily I did! I had a brainstorm one day while looking at my kitchen windows trying to come up with a plan for window treatments. More on that in the next post, but for now I’ll just say that they came in very handy. Take a look.


Want to see more? Come back on Monday for the bigger picture.
Have a great weekend!


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