Things in My Yard I Love~Things in My House I Do Not

I strolled around my yard this morning with my camera while it was still halfway cool and caught some summer sights to share with you. One of my favorite things about summer is having fresh, delicious tomatoes. We (and by we I mean my husband) always plant both cherry tomatoes and big tomatoes. The cherry ones are always ready to eat a good 2-3 weeks before the big ones so having them helps me be patient for the others.

The yellow cherries are my absolute favorite. They are super sweet and bursting with flavor. Last year all we could find were the yellow pear-shaped minis and they were disappointingly blah. But this year we’ve got the good ones!


There’s a BLT with my name on it once this pretty thing ripens up.


Speaking of pretty things, isn’t Bella gorgeous? She belongs to my next door neighbor but she visits almost daily.

This morning I believe she had her eye on these:

There is a family of bunnies living under our shed. I enjoy watching them. They’re cute ~ as long as they leave our produce alone. So far, so good.

This plant will soon be covered in Baby Boos (little white mini pumpkins). We (husband) plant them every year and occasionally the bunnies will eat the blossoms.

Last week my husband and I were relaxing in the living room. I stood up to go to the kitchen and something caught the corner of my eye.

Yep, this bat was hanging out in our living room for who knows how long before I noticed it. It’s the second one this summer, so my husband grabbed the phone and called animal control. While we waited for them to come get it out of our house, I grabbed my camera and got the best shot I could without getting too close. Gross, right? The woman from animal control commented that he was “a big one” then scooped him up in her net. Apparently she had been out on several calls already that night from other people with bats in their houses. Now I walk around scanning the walls with my eyes because you just never know!


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4 thoughts on “Things in My Yard I Love~Things in My House I Do Not

  1. Ewww, Ann, that bat is pretty creepy! We have them flying nearby at night, but I’ve never seen one actually land. Hopefully they aren’t living in the attic above our garage :( That cat is beautiful. Maybe she is waiting for the mini pumpkins to come on the vine for a nice Halloween photo!

  2. Ann, great photography and love all your animal visitors. The mosquitoes have been fierce this year and bats eat about a zillion a night. Get a butterfly net, Ann, and ask your husband to take the bats outside. Animal Control kills them. (I’ve seen them do it here.) I had two inside my building last summer.I left unscreened windows open at night. I was pretty nervous but eventually one flew out. I don’t want to talk about what happened to the other one. I just know I’ll NEVER call Animal Control again.

    1. Hi Ginene! I like having bats in the yard to eat the mosquitos. We see them flying around every night but we still have tons of mosquitos. I can’t imagine how bad they would be without the bats. That’s too bad about the animal control bat incident. The woman who removed ours told us they take them to an area and release them. I might be naïve but I’m choosing to believe her. :)

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