Phrase Art Phriday: The Fabric of Friendship


I am a sucker for a beautiful fabric, so I love the analogy of friendship as fabric. Some are thick and strong, others are thin and frail. Some are bright and colorful, others are plain and practical. Some are best at blocking the sun, others are meant to let light in. Some can stretch, others are only stiff and rigid.

Reading this quote that I DEARLY love made me think about friendships in my own life. There have been times in my life when I have leaned heavily on the support of a friend. So much so, that I’ve worried if I’m wearing out the fabric of our friendship. But then we share good times together again, laughing after a good cry, and I know nothing could be further from the truth. I know, too, that the time will come when I will reciprocate and be her support. True friendship cannot be worn ragged. The more you use it (not abuse it) the stronger it becomes. In good times and bad.

Being a true friend means seeing all the crusty, peely imperfections and loving in spite of (or even because of) those flaws. Most friends, like my curtains, will come and go. But a few remain for a lifetime. May you be draped in the forever kind of friendship.


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11 thoughts on “Phrase Art Phriday: The Fabric of Friendship

  1. How beautiful! I love all that you have said and you said it so perfectly. I was touched also that you were thinking about me and wondering where I was. I wonder what kind of fabric blog friends are made of, something beautiful definitely!

  2. Hi Ann, I bet you are a great friend, anyone who comes up with such a beautiful post as yours has a deep seeded heart with a passion for connecting friendships with the beauty around us. I love your association with the fabric of life it’s strengths and it’s weaknesses, it’s shading and it’s letting light in.

    Any friend of yours should be honored to have such an emotionally attached friend who sees so much more then the surface of a friendship. The poetry in your post is beautiful and the fabric in own own life I bet is equal.

    I love your beautiful header and the name of your site, I must go back and see a bit more of you.. For some reason your header and name looks so familiar to me, as if I have seen it featured somewhere, a magazine or just seeing you comment here and there.

    Looking forward to getting to know you sweet friend, thank you dearly for taking the time to visit me, and your comment joyed my day.

    See you soon and all you inspire.


  3. Love how the metaphor for fabric is friendship, and so many textures make up different friendships. I love how deep your heart is and this post is amazing.

    I went way back into your older posting getting to know you so much better….I noticed you posted on Fifi O’Neills and her new book Prairie-Style Weddings. I wanted to let you know your post dedicated to her in her honor of her book was so nice, I have had the honor of working with her on with her book, my LOVE sign is on her book cover, and my art is featured in the book such as birdcages, wing, and wood wedding birdhouse cake, and the table place numbers in zinc and wood. My daughter played the prairie bride. It’s was so exciting and such a beautiful location to shoot in.
    Fifi is a doll, and does not get any better then the company and frienship of Fifi.

    I love how you design art art pieces, and photograph them, all the wonderful salvaged pieces are inspiring.

    Thank you dear for taking the time to joy my day when reading your comment you left on my latest post.
    I will see you soon and all you inspire.



    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Dore. That would be such an honor to be featured in Fifi’s beautiful book. I can certainly understand why she chose many of your pieces. They’re very unique and fitting with her style. Your daughter is a beauty as well. She takes after her mama. :)

      I’m so glad you took the time to peek in on my older posts in order to “get to know me”. That is very sweet! I’m sure we’ll speak again. ~Ann xoxo

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