My Ironstone Bowl Has a Secret

I have loved and collected ironstone for several years. My collection is a moderate size because I rarely pay more than $5 for any one item. Many of the pieces I have bought can be easily found at a higher price but if I’m patient I can find the types of pieces I love in that price range.

This bowl is just such a piece. I purchased it last month at the flea market for $5. Oh happy day! I almost walked right past it. I was on the lookout for plain white ironstone and this bowl was not that.

This bowl had big red flowers on it ~ poppies I believe? Not a problem I told myself. I will just place it on a shelf with the flowers turned to the back, or as my friend suggested sand the floral design off. Are you cringing? Would that be a terrible thing to do? I don’t think so. On the other hand there might come a day when the floral design works in just the right setting. What would you do?

I’m very happy to say that my breakfast nook makeover is (basically) complete. Monday I’ll show you before and after photos of the space. Woop!


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8 thoughts on “My Ironstone Bowl Has a Secret

  1. I like your bowl just the way it is, and would keep the poppies, and like you turn that side towards the wall, and then someday, you may just want to show the flowers too. I would want to anyway.

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t sand the poppies off, though I think your friend was smart to think of it! It is a beautiful bowl and the ironstone thing is a fad. I like this fad, but I wouldn’t destroy the image. It is beautiful. And you know what always happens, the next trend will be the opposite…we go from simple to ornate, painted to unpainted, and on and on. That’s just the way we are!

    1. Yep, that’s how we are! I went through a floral phase and now I’m into much more simple for the most part. I still love flowers and will continue to use them here and there in my décor.

  3. Please leave the bowl alone, at least until you find out more about it from an expert. That might be a decal, or hand-painted in the factory, or hand-painted by the original owner. The integrity of the item is something to be valued. Also, sanding the decoration off might harm the glaze irreparably.

    I hope that someone can tell you the age of the bowl, at least. The composition of poppies (and cornflowers??) is a motif that is not familiar to me.

    Please keep looking for another plain white bowl; you’ll find one eventually!

    1. You’re right Nancy, I will eventually find a plain one. I do appreciate things in their original state. I appreciate your input as well!

  4. I’d keep the bowl as is and display it as a white bowl for everyday. It is a transfer image of poppies that was produced mid century. Nice score for under $5!

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