Monthly Archives: April 2015

Phrase Art Phriday: Jesus Loves Me


The cross. The crown.

The hands. The feet.

T h e…..n a i l s.

T H E….. L O V E

The blood. The sweat.

The pain. The gain.

The jeers. The tears.

T h e ….C h r i s t.

The Messiah.

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Dear Texture, Please Come and Live with Me

Dear Texture,
Please come and live with me. I will never ask you to move out.

No matter how much I style and re-style you Texture, you are always welcome here. You make everything more interesting to look at. Without you, life would be dull and flat.

You play well with others but you’re just as happy to stand alone. Forgive me for running my fingers over you too often. You’re irresistible you know.

You invigorate my senses. If you were an instrument you’d be the cello.
If you were a city, Venice.

You’re the spice in my chai, the kick in my salsa, the icing on my cake.

You’re a feast for the eyes. My house is your house. Your details are delightful,
your intricacies divine. Come and fill my bowls to overflowing.

Love always,

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