Flower Buds and Perennial Anticipation

The magic of spring is never lost on me. Year after year when the flower buds appear I feel an excitement like I felt as a child before Christmas.

Today I walked around the yard and checked on all the perennials to see how they are doing. Oh, peonies. Don’t you love them? I can’t wait to smell their sweet fragrance and bring in bunches to enjoy inside.

All of the green everywhere is a very welcome sight. There will soon be shades of lavender and purple among the green on the irises.

I am always amazed at the wonderfully strong scent that comes from the teeny tiny blossoms of lily of the valley. It’s easy to miss their blossoming time if you’re not careful. The little white bell-like flowers stay almost concealed beneath the leaves.

Patches of sad brown irish moss between the flagstone pavers of the patio are about to burst forth with vibrant green color.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of some of our perennials. A few don’t have buds yet. I think I saw a tiny one on a rose bush and the clematis is starting to look promising. It’s going to be a colorful spring.

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