Phrase Art Phriday: Spring Flight

I don’t know if it’s the extra hour of daylight that spring brings, the warmer weather or the anticipation of seeing flowers and trees in bloom, but I am feeling totally energized and optimistic about the future. I feel like I could sprout wings.


Like many of you, I suffer from the winter doldrums, causing me to feel lethargic and unmotivated during the second half of the winter season. I have to pray my way through it every year. When spring rolls around I feel a huge sense of relief, like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, on the threshold of reawakening, the air is ripe with potential. I’m giddy! I’m ready to breathe in the fresh spring air. I welcome the renewal of all things green and pure. I watch the robins. I hear their song and bask in the rejuvenating melody. I listen and believe. I will fly again.

This week’s phrase art photo is a picture of a bird I created from a dollar store bird, tissue paper, velvet ribbon and wire. I think I might make another and share the how-to in a future post.

Happy weekend!


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9 thoughts on “Phrase Art Phriday: Spring Flight

  1. When I was going through what I knew would be the final years of my marriage each spring would bring the hope that somehow with the birth of sunshine and robins love and hope would be reborn in our dissolving lives. It was not to be and it was so very hard to enter this time of year ripe with new life only to have hope dashed against the rocks. It was such a contradiction. Now I recognize that the loveliest of springs can be hard for those without hope. In cases like this sometimes all we can do is hold on and believe that one day spring will again be bright with promise.

  2. My friend….you are so very talented! Who could ever make something so beautiful out of a Dollar store bird? Not I. And, yes…I so agree. Now that Spring has seemed to have sprung…there is new hope, new birth…and we are all alive once again!

  3. i love your bird, too, Ann. And I completely agree with you about the winter lethargy and the spring “renewal”. It’s like we are coming back to life :)

  4. I took suffer the winter doldrums and long for warmer, brighter days. I can understand why they call it ‘spring fever’ because I too feel like I come awake and my energy returns triple fold! This little bird is so precious! I love it!

  5. Ann, glad that your are feeling more chipper. I am lucky that I don’t have a problem with that. Many do, my sweet mother in law sure did. I love your precious bird with the crown. Please share instructions!

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