Easter and Spring Décor 2015

It’s officially spring and now that I’ve got some Easter and spring decor up my home feels happier! The photos I am showing you in this post will be some of the last few I will show of my dining room / kitchen with pumpkin and charcoal colored walls. The next time I show it will be the “before” photos of the whole room. We are in the process of painting now. I say “we” but my husband does all our painting. Right now, each of my first floor rooms ~ living room, entry hall, kitchen, dining room and bathroom ~ are a different color. At the beginning of this year I decided to change all the rooms to the same color to improve the flow and make it feel more cohesive.

But now I’m getting ahead of myself and into my next post! In this post I would like to share some spring inspiration with you from my “old color” dining room.

Wow, the above photo really makes the wall look orange! The first two photos are more representative of the true color. The buffet sits in my dining room next to the trestle table. With the exception of the pastel eggs, everything is non-holiday enough to keep it out as long as I like. I think it could be improved with a big spray of “something” in the silver trophy urn . . . maybe later.

Around the corner from this buffet, halfway between the dining room and kitchen sits a second buffet.

You may remember this one decked out for Christmas.

As you can see, I have decorated this buffet in much more of an Easter theme than the other one, with my vintage papier mache bunny, vintage cardboard egg half and pussy willow eggs.


The cross is something I will leave out year round as well as the birdhouse and candlestick, so this vignette could stick around with just a little tweaking after Easter.

How do you decorate with the change of seasons? Do you have Easter décor or do you keep it holiday neutral?


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One thought on “Easter and Spring Décor 2015

  1. Ann, Doesn’t that aqua blue look fabulous with the color of the walls, no matter what the exact shade? I bet that color would be opposite of aqua on the color wheel if those colors were included, of course. The silver adds just the right about of sparkle. I love to play with colors, too. You have two buffets…that would be perfect for storage and display. I have say that the surprise of a rabbit instead of a bird in the nest, is just the kind of creative touch that I like. It tells a different story than one expects and makes people think.

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