Brighten a Dark Room With Glass and Metal

Even though there’s nothing better than natural lighting to make a space feel pretty and bright, shiny glass and metal can work wonders. Most of the rooms in my house have lots of windows but there are a few rooms that are a bit dark and more challenging. Mirrors go a long way in bringing reflective light into their dark corners. But there are lots of other decorative items that can help bounce the light around too.

Load up on crystal prisms on sconces and chandeliers. Nothing catches and distributes the light like these faceted gems.

Bring in more light with shiny metal finishes on your picture frames, candlesticks and art work.
This old copper plaque belonged to my mother, who is now with the angels.

Glass and metal vases, bowls and trays placed strategically among your décor can add sparkle where there was none.

Even small collections of glass items, like these bottle stoppers displayed in bowls will scatter a twinkle around a room.

Here are some additional ways to diffuse the dreariness of a dark room:
RGlass tabletops
RShiny metal fixtures
RLight or sheer curtains
RLight colored paint on walls and furniture

I’m so happy we have “sprung forward”. There’s much more light to go around now, and I plan to take full advantage of it each day!


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3 thoughts on “Brighten a Dark Room With Glass and Metal

  1. I am so happy about the extra hour of light! Love these suggestions of bringing light into a space. I use mirrors on all my flat surfaces to reflect light. My favorite is the group of glass stoppers. Beautiful copper plaque.

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