Phrase Art Phriday: Imperfection

Welcome to Phrase Art Phriday #13. In this series I share my own photography overlaid with a favorite phrase or thought.

It’s no secret that I am a fan of imperfection. Just take one look at my jewelry designs or the way I have decorated my home and you will see that I have an appreciation for the “well-worn”. Pieces with flaws have character ~ a crack here, some fading there, chippy peeling paint ~ none of these qualities are off-putting to me on the right piece. In fact it is often those very flaws that endear me to something.

Mirrors are one of those items that are, to me, better with imperfections. The natural ghosting that occurs over time speaks volumes to me about the transformation that occurs in our own lives as we grow and change. Yes, our appearance changes. Slowly but inevitably beauty fades. The youthful face, so fresh and new, like the shiny, bright mirror finish is an undeniably pleasant vision. The older, care-worn face on the other hand, with years of life and experience showing up in the form of creases, shadows, and fading brightness has a beauty all its own. Just as the ghosted mirror has a mysterious factor about it, the wrinkled face has untold stories of depth and secrecy.

The peeling paint is reminiscent of the battle scars that shape our characters over time. No one gets through life unscathed. Without the peeling away of our outer layers, brought about by circumstances that cause us to reach deep down in our souls and lay aside our selfish tendencies, we would remain shallow individuals with one-dimensional lives. Pain, disappointments and hardship mix with all the happy times of giving, sharing and discovery to create the “texture” that keeps our lives from being flat and dull.

I have long since sold the mirror in the photograph but I have a few other misty mirrors gracing the walls in my home. When I look into them, I will remember that I don’t have to be perfect. I will embrace the beauty of imperfection.


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5 thoughts on “Phrase Art Phriday: Imperfection

  1. That mirror is gorgeous! I love this post about embracing our imperfections. I recently told my husband that, “you know I still feel like me and I am happy imperfections and all”. He said that was the most important thing. Sweet man!

  2. Ann, Have your read about the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi?
    I, also, collect old mirrors with missing silver, from an artistic standpoint, I think they are an inspiration. I sometimes pair them with artwork that speaks to me…just a glimpse of the image showing behind the silver. It is so fun.

    1. I had not heard of Wabi Sabi, but just read a very interesting article on it, prompted by your comment. It’s me to a T. Your pairing of artwork and de-silvered mirrors sounds great!

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