Phrase Art Phriday: Dream


Welcome to the first Phrase Art Phriday of 2015! I started this series last year because it allows me to play with two things I love: photography and graphic design.

I took this photo a few years ago when we received a good snow dump. I think we got about a foot before it was all said and done. The swan planter sat in our back yard next to an old park bench.

I have since sold that swan during one of my major clutter purges. Getting rid of 2 sheds full of junk was a major undertaking. The thought of it felt overwhelming. But the vision of a clutter free space motivated me to take that first step. If your spirit is drooping and you feel snowed under, know that better days are ahead. Look beyond your circumstances and envision something better. Then do one thing to move toward that scenario. I’m rooting for you, you can do it!

I’m happy I have this photo to remember her and that hard winter.

I have one more graphic to show you. I created it to share with you an upcoming series here on my blog.


The first installment will be this Monday. I hope you have a lovely weekend and will come back then!


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5 thoughts on “Phrase Art Phriday: Dream

  1. Thanks, this is just the inspiration I needed! My life is in limbo right now but there are so many exciting things right around the corner as soon as I pack up all my stuff in boxes and move. I needed this big push to stop being held back by the hard work and to focus on the dream.
    xo jonni xo

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