ish …a tiny suffix that has become a cherished part of my vocabulary. What other three letters can you add on to any word in any statement to give you license to exaggerate?


Three letters that come in very handy when I’m telling my husband what time I’ll be home from girls’ night out; when I’m explaining how much I’ve spent shopping; when describing the size of my shoe collection; when confessing the number of cookies I ate in one sitting.

Not sure I would use it when I need to be professional…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am well meaning when I use “ish” and I only use it when I’m truly not exactly sure of the precise measurements in a given situation or to soften the blow when delivering the cold hard facts.

Still, I think I’ll try to cut down on the use of it.

I’ll make it number 20-ish on my to-do list.


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