Cheap, Easy DIY + New Series Announcement

Hey readers! Today I have a cheap, easy DIY project to show you. Now that we’re on the other side of January, it feels like there’s light at the end of the winter tunnel. It’s the perfect time to get out some of those projects that you keep meaning to get to before the really nice weather gets here and all you want to do is play! This project is one that I planned last summer when I was putting the finishing touches on the wine cellar / man cave. Keeping with both the masculine look and the minimal budget, I hunted through yard sales to find some “manly” animal figures. Since I was going to paint them gold and white, I didn’t care how ugly they were. A little paint can do wonders!

Here’s the before picture of a few pieces I came up with. Some plastic deer, one that had flocked “fur” and an eagle cologne bottle.

How different they look with just a couple of coats of spray paint!

I didn’t prime the items, I just roughed them up a tiny bit with sandpaper and sprayed metallic gold paint on some and white on the others. They won’t really be handled, so it should wear fine.

And for a really cheap (like free!) but impactful display just gather some branches and spray.

Now I have some exciting news! I’m teaming up with Heather of Woods of Bell Trees for a brand new series all about DIY!

We’re calling it DIY Double Dip Flip. We’ll take our queue from a trending technique in fashion and show you our 2 takes using the same inspiration on a decor piece. And sometimes the decor piece will be our inspiration for some fun DIY twists with fashion.

Our first flip will be this Monday. Stay tuned for a double dip of DIY inspiration!


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3 thoughts on “Cheap, Easy DIY + New Series Announcement

  1. Oh, wow! You made cheap plastic deer look like a million bucks! I’m loving the entire look of the wine cellar, and this was the perfect touch. Can’t wait to see what happens with the Double Dip Flip!

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