1853 Wine Cellar REVEAL

I told you I would show you the “reveal” of our renovated wine cellar many months ago. I try really hard to be a person of my word. Being reliable is a trait that I value in myself and others. So I’m a little mortified to be publishing this post at this time ~ more than a year later than I had originally stated that I would post it. Yikes! While it did take me a long time to compose this post, it did not take me an entire year! I could give you a list of excuses why I didn’t publish it sooner. But I know that’s not really necessary. Suffice it to say, life got really involved, and the best intentions and goals had to take a back seat.

With that being said, I am so so excited to FINALLY present the Wine Cellar Reveal! Oh wait. Since it’s been so long since I first told you about it, I feel like I need to show the before photos again.



Built in 1853, three years before the house, this was the first wine cellar in our town. The land was covered in vineyards and the owner supplied wine to the river boats just a few miles west of our property.



When my husband and I first purchased the house back in 1993, the thought of renovating the wine cellar wasn’t even on my radar. Because there were so many other things that needed done to make our big old fixer upper livable. Now that we have a majority of the house good, hubby decided he needed his own man cave. And since he hasn’t ever requested his way in over 25 years and 3 houses of remodeling/decorating, I agreed to decorate it in more masculine décor.




That big empty space above is usually filled up with a ping pong table. We took it down for dancing on New Year’s Eve and haven’t put it back up yet.



You may remember these chairs. I think they work perfectly in here!


……………….wine_cellar_after_mantel_2 wine_cellar_after_mirror



It’s really difficult to get good photos since there’s no natural lighting, so they’re kind of dark. We left a lot of it rough and rustic, and still have a few more areas to improve on. I have a LOT more to show you ~ the whole other side of the room in fact ~ including close ups of the bar cart, a converted drafting table seating area and an electrified lantern. See you in part 2 of the reveal!


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17 thoughts on “1853 Wine Cellar REVEAL

  1. It’s gorgeous! And how cool is that to have such a space. To me it lends itself to a more masculine approach and looks great with the furnishings and decor you have chosen. I would have loved to be in there dancing alongside you on New Year’s Eve, just perfect!

    1. Hi Traci! It really is a great space for entertaining. Our friends love it. I think I do have a few photos of my home on the blog, but I need to get on the ball and get a lot more taken. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just seeing your pictures makes me want to ditch my 1937 Cottage, move to St. Joe, rescue a pre-civil war home and pray to the good Lord above it would have something this cool and full of history where I could get lost in when needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ann – you and Gary are SOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY to have this – would love to come see sometime!!!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!

    1. Hey Dale! You crack me up. Yeah, it is a good place to get lost, it feels nice and secluded. A lot of luck and also a lot of hard work! But you know all about that. Come anytime!

  3. ***Happy sigh***
    Just fantastic….you are so fortunate to have a cellar! (No cellars here in Texas!) You’ve made it look beautiful – as you make everything look beautiful. Well done!

  4. Ann, how cool is this? Not many can boast that they have their own wine cellar. lol! Love the bits of rustic charm and the chairs are perfect! Can’t wait to see more. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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