God and Sinner Reconciled ~ Merry Christmas!

With only 2 days left to prepare for the big day, I would like to take a moment to say Merry Christmas from my house to yours, and to share a few of my holiday vignettes. Many of my displays are the same from year to year. I might tweak them a bit, but once I get them how I love them, I put them together the same way each year until I’m ready for something different. I will only show you the ones that are brand new this year, and I have two of them.


The first one is my buffet that sits between my kitchen and dining room. You can see how I decorated it last year here. I decided to use most of those pieces on my other buffet in the dining room this year. So I had to come up with a new look for this buffet, and my inspiration was the pair of mirrors.


The one in front has most of the silvering worn away, and has a sort of wavy pattern in the glass. The ripples remind me of sand dunes or the ocean tide. It’s the same mirror I used in my blog header. I love it so I use it a lot!

First I took the tiny vintage garland and draped it over the mirrors in a random way. I pulled objects I already had like the birdhouse church and the two white stick trees. I added the gold angel hair underneath for softness and embellished the birdhouse with vintage picks of gold glass glitter. I wanted to bring in some silver so I added the mercury glass owl candle holder.

A real bird’s nest tied in perfectly with the birdhouse. I needed a little more sparkle so I added the vintage coiled tinsel and two candlesticks with crystal prisms.

The second thing that’s new this year was a project my husband helped with.
We have had several trees cut down and I am finding so many ways to repurpose the slices, both small and large. I was standing at my kitchen window one day and I spied the large slices laid out overlapping one another and it gave me an idea. So I grabbed hubby and dragged him into the yard to share my thought with him, fully expecting him to be blown away by my great idea! wink, wink. Most of the slabs I needed were already there, but I needed a couple more cut to fill out the tree. He obliged, and the result was this simple stacked Christmas tree. It’s the centerpiece on my dining room table, but I had to move it to the end to get good lighting for the picture. Please excuse the shot of me in the mirror. And see those pumpkin colored walls? Those have got to go in 2015!

So now to the heart of the matter, the reason we celebrate. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the decorating and gift buying to the point of forgetting to pause and give due honor to the King of kings. I’ve done it, and I have to remind myself to spend time pondering the beauty of the Christmas story and how it truly does make the season bright with hope and sweet with peace. I wish you a heart full of joy and a new sense of wonder at the miracle of Christ’s birth and the gift of reconciliation with the Father.

Merry Christmas!

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3 thoughts on “God and Sinner Reconciled ~ Merry Christmas!

  1. Ann,
    Your home at Christmas is just as charming as can be. I hope you had some time to yourself to sit in the dark with the Christmas lights on and wind down with your own thoughts. When I sit down and think about all the things that were on your blog over the past year, honestly, I don’t know where you get all that vitality and spunk! Your mind appears to always be running at 90 mph.
    Me? I sat in the dark with the lights on a lot and watched old Christmas movies. I watched Jesus of Nazareth, too, which is always emotionally exhausting, and certainly puts one in the right frame of mind for Christmas…talk about humbling. I did feel reconciled.
    Wishing you a great New Year, Ann.

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