The Beauty of Spider Webs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing a lot of these guys around lately.
I don’t like spiders, never have. They, along with all bugs, creep me out. But I do find their webs fascinating. The one I captured above was between the storm window and inside window in my living room. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard it said that spiders take their webs down in the morning and rebuild them all over again at night. A few days ago I walked out my back door to find a giant spider web in two corners of the porch, flanking the steps. They reminded me of the architectural corner pieces that were in Victorian homes. Yes, spider webs are intricately beautiful to me. Last fall I was inspired by a spider web to create a web and spider from cheesecloth and pearls.

You can find the tutorial for the web here

and a tutorial for the spider here.

While I’m on the subject of bugs, here’s another intricate pattern I captured on a bright green bug a couple of months ago.
I love the way the pattern in its wings looks like a leaf. I’m sure God designed it that way so the bug could camo itself when necessary.

Well, that’s it for my science and art post today. :) Enjoy the beauty all around you this week!


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4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Spider Webs

  1. Hi Ann,
    I am so afraid of spiders. Have been this way since I was a kid. I can take almost any other creature but not spiders. I have to say their webs are very beautiful designs but no thanks very afraid of these creatures. Funny how something so small can freak you out LOL!

  2. That little green bug is cute. He has little grippers on his legs. Lots of spiders moving closer to the warmth of our houses now in Illinois. I carry them back outside if I can. I love the analogy of spider webs looking like Victorian fretwork in the corners of the door. Your creative mind at work. That would be really cute in an illustration for a fairy tale.

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