The Colors of Fall

Hello Readers! I feel like I need to explain my absence from posting lately. Back in July, my brother-in-law suffered a stroke that left him in need of several weeks/months of rehab. Since that time, he has had two episodes of brain swelling that required him to have a craniotomy to relieve the pressure. He is doing remarkably well, but is looking at several more weeks of rehab. During this time I have been driving back and forth (about an hour away) to visit him and my sister as much as I can. Then this past weekend my sister fell at the hospital and broke her knee cap! No fair! Now she is looking at surgery and several weeks of recovery as well. So I will be helping out as much as I can, and will continue to post as often as I am able. Thanks so much for following along. I hope to be back to posting more frequently soon! And if I haven’t visited your blog lately, it’s nothing personal!

Coming into my favorite season, I decided to snap some photos of some of the blooms in our yard that are showing off their rich fall colors.
Tiny crabapples bursting with color
I wonder how they would do if I brought some branches inside?

Glorious cockscomb with their huge, velvety heads and saturated color. We grow these every year. They dry really nicely and fade to soft, varied shades of peachy pink over time.

Enjoy the season! Please come back tonight to link up at Swap & Tell and find out what’s new with the swap!


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7 thoughts on “The Colors of Fall

  1. I will keep your sister in my prayers for quick healing and you for the strength to support her and her husband. The fall flowers are beautiful especially the cockscomb they look like fabric. My grandparents used to make crab apple jelly – one of my favorites.

  2. So sorry that you have had family emergencies to deal with for awhile. Sending prayers & white healing light for things to get back to normal. What a wonderful sister you are to help your family.
    All the best & may this time fly by with great healing.

  3. When your family needs you, you go. Everything else can wait. Your sister must depend on you even more so now that she has her kneecap injury. I hope all will be well very soon and that there is continued improvement for both. Prayers for all of you.

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