Swap & Tell Co-Host Search

Swap & Tell is looking for a 4th co-host!

Sadly, Tina of What We Keep had to drop out due to being over extended. Miss you, Tina!


So we decided the fun thing to do would be to put a co-host spot up for grabs! If you would be interested in co-hosting our brand new link up, please email us and tell us why you would be a good fit. Tell us what you sell or what service you provide, and any other info you think we might like to know! You can find my email link in the sidebar ~ just look for the little purple heart. Or leave a comment following this post if you’d rather.

If we get several responses we may open it up to more than 4 co-hosts. All who respond will also be entered into a pool of guest host spots!


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5 thoughts on “Swap & Tell Co-Host Search

  1. Hi Ann, hope your Christmas was great. You are so busy working it.
    I would love to invite you and your friends to come see my new location. I moved into the Historic Train Station in Parkville.
    Maybe one evening, we could do a little show at the Gallery?
    Have a wonderful New Year.
    Cathy Kline
    913 449 4460

    1. So nice to hear from you Cathy! I would love to visit your gallery. I’ll try to get something together with my girlfriends. And the little show sounds interesting too…
      Happy New Year!

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