Girls Want Pearls #52! Cross Sun Catcher

Well, here we are. At the end of a year long journey. Has it really been a year? We have looked at pearls from every angle, how they’re made and how to make them into something unexpected. We spent time appreciating their beauty as displayed in history, fashion and decor. We looked at a handful of scripture references from the Bible that use the pearl to illustrate valuable truths. We used them to make everyday and seasonal decor, items with practical uses like bookmarks, photo holders and gift bags, and spruced up items in our closet like sandals and scarves, belts and bags. And now it’s time for the final Girls Want Pearls project.Since we have our Creator to thank for the beauty of pearls, and all the beauty around us, I have decided to conclude the series with a project that points to Him. It is my pleasure to show you how to make a
Cross Sun Catcher
Here are the supplies you will need:

  • 20 gauge wire
  • 4 pearl strands with graduating sizes from small to large to small as shown
  • sparkly beads in three sizes OR a sparkly cluster type earring
  • any type of ribbon, torn fabric strips or leather for hanging the cross

Step 1
Cut 2 pieces of 20 guage wire, approx. 20 inches in length. Take the first wire and bend it approx. 8 inches from one end. This will divide the portions for the top and bottom of the cross. Starting with the smallest pearl, string the pearls onto the 8 inch portion of wire keeping their graduating sizes in order from smallest to largest, then largest to smallest to form the top of the cross. Curve the wire strung with pearls to form a loop. This is the top of the cross.
Twist the “tail” wire around the center where the bend is, twice to secure and let the tail remain.

Step 2
Repeat the process from step one to form the bottom of the cross. Twist the tail wire as in step 1, leaving an approx. 1/2 inch gap between the two loops and let the tail remain. Take each pearl loop and twist the entire piece at the center two or three times to tighten.

Step 3
Take your second piece of wire and bend it in half. This divides the portions for the two horizontal cross pieces. String the pearls on in the same manner as you did for the vertical cross pieces, twisting the tail wires to secure and leaving 1/2 inch between the two loops.

Step 4
Lay the horizontal cross piece over the vertical cross piece, lining up the wire centers. To secure and tighten: Take each end of the horizontal piece and wrap it around the vertical cross piece center, bringing the loops around to opposite sides from where they started. Take each end of the vertical piece and wrap it around, pulling the loops around to be on opposite ends from where they started. Take one of the 4 wire tails and wrap it around the center 2-3 times and pull to the back of the cross. Bring the other 3 wire tails to the front of the cross.

Step 5
Take one of the wire tails and string a large bead onto the center. Wrap the wire around the center of the cross to the back and twist together with the one you pulled to the back in the previous step.

Step 6
Take a second wire tail and string on the medium size beads.

Step 7
Wrap the beaded wire around to encircle the center bead. Bring the remainder of that piece of wire to the back of the cross and twist together with the other two wires.

Step 8
Take a third wire tail and string on the smallest beads.

Step 9
Wrap the beaded wire around to encircle the previous row. Bring the remainder of that piece of wire to the back of the cross and twist together with the other three.
Now you’re ready to add the hanger. Take your chosen ribbon, leather, etc. and tie around top loop of cross, slipknot style. Tie again at the top.

As you look at the cross in your window, may you be reminded to take up your cross. As the jewels on the cross catch and reflect the light of the sun, let’s reflect the light and love of the one who went to Calvary to show us how to live beautiful lives.

Thank you to all my readers who let me know how much you enjoyed this series. I hope you keep coming back to read my posts ~ you never know what could be coming up next!

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14 thoughts on “Girls Want Pearls #52! Cross Sun Catcher

  1. It is hard to believe the series is over. My favorites have to be the nest, the lampshade, and the clock. But I may have to change my mind because there were many favs!

    Oh, I like the middle logo.

  2. Ann, I have so enjoyed all of your pearl posts! You have created so many gorgeous things with pearls. Can’t believe that it’s coming to an end. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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