Thrifted! Leather Chairs for the Wine Cellar

I love yard sale season! I haven’t been to a lot of them this summer ~ why the heck not, I’m not sure! The first one that caught my eye and made me brake was just a block from my house. It was close to the road and my eyes spied something I have been looking for.
A pair of chairs perfect for the wine cellar! We have been working on our wine cellar for several months now. Well, the truth is we worked hard on it for a couple of months, then got distracted and let it sit a while, then worked on it some more. I showed the “before” pictures a long time ago and still have yet to show you the “after”.

Having made a promise to husband that he could consider it his man cave, I agreed to decorate in fairly masculine décor, or at least not ultra feminine. Almost all the furniture is in place, using pieces I already had as far as side tables, bar cart, a few stools, shelves and some artwork. So I wanted to find a pair of comfy chairs and I envisioned leather. I’m doing it all on a “thrift” budget, so I was elated to find this pair. They are faux leather, in super good condition and I only had to pay $50 for the pair!
At the very same sale I found this huge mirror that will be painted and placed in the wine cellar as well ($10!) and the old glass water bottle in the wooden crate for $10! I have the water bottle on top of an armoire in the living room, next to a crock full of cotton branches.

Just a few finishing touches in the wine cellar and it will be ready for the big reveal. I can’t wait to show you!

Talk soon,

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