In The Studio: Jewelry ~ Simple or Ornate?

Hey Fashionable Friends! Just popping in with a quick post today to share what’s been happening in my jewelry design studio. I’m busy making and stocking up lots of jewelry to take to a big show in November, more about that in a later post!

I’ve been concentrating on necklaces and earrings, and will soon move my attention to bracelets. Oh how I love to wear bracelets! Well, I love wearing necklaces too, and almost always wear earrings, but there’s something about bracelets that make me feel super feminine and stylish. So as soon as I get some new ones made, you can bet I’ll show them to you right here! In the meantime, here are some necklaces, with a question to ponder…


Do you prefer to wear necklaces that are simple…


Or do you prefer to make a statement with something more ornate…

Of course, different kinds of outfits are suited to different looks, but in general, do you lean towards understated or elaborate in your jewelry choices? Or somewhere in between?

You can shop for both necklaces here Big Red Button Necklace and here 3 Tier Hardware Necklace.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July, and be sure to flaunt your red, white and blue!

Talk soon,

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