Logo Redesign: Help! Your Opinion Needed!

Hey readers, friends, passers-by! I hope you’re having a great week. Mine so far has consisted of creating, grocery shopping, visiting my brother-in-law in the hospital, eating fresh tomatoes, fighting the urge to eat sweets (not always successfully) and bike riding, with a little bit of tv watching and reading thrown in. My creative time has been spent mostly on graphic design, which I adore! Along with design for a client or two, I have been working on a new logo for myself. I have it narrowed to 3 variations and I would really like your help!

Here they are, in no particular order:

logo_crown_cross_oval_frame300noneb logo_crown_cross_oval_frame300nochainb logo_crown_cross_oval_frame300b

There are reasons why I like each of them, but I think I’m leaning toward one in particular. Do you like one better than the other two? Why? Give me your opinion (pretty please)!

While we’re on the topic of logo design, I’ll be giving one away! Read this post to find out when/where/why!


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22 thoughts on “Logo Redesign: Help! Your Opinion Needed!

    1. Oh how funny! Not mad, I appreciate your input! I’m keeping my current header, I just needed a logo for business cards, buttons, etc. And I will probably incorporate the logo into the current header design. Thanks Cathy!

  1. Hello beautiful!
    My choice would be #3 but with a complimentary brown/gold test for your business name. The blue is just too overpowering for me :(
    Hope you are enjoying your summer, I have been enjoying it to the max!

    1. Hi JP! I love to hear all the differing opinions. I appreciate your take on it and will have to give it some thought. Summer is wonderful, may it never end!

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