Announcing Swap & Tell: Shop Owners Trading Products and Posting Reviews

Swap & Tell Link Up
Starts in 2 weeks!

I am seriously excited to get this party started! If you are a shop owner (i.e. someone with goods or services), my three co-hosts and I would like to invite you to Swap & Tell, where you can trade products with other shop owners and review / get reviewed in a blog post or on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Why a product swap?
As shop owners and creative people, we value our product and want others to value it too. This means advertising and reaching people by word of mouth. The best advertising comes when someone talks about your product to those they know. When you send one of your products in a swap, think of it as an advertising investment.

How Does It Work?
Participants will link their product to swap from their blog, facebook, pinterest or instagram account. After completing a swap with another shop owner each participant will blog, facebook, instagram or pinterest about what they got and link back to the shop it came from in a new post the following week. Specifics about the rules of exchange will be posted with the link up.

Who Can Participate?
Anyone in the U.S. with
A) a product or service ~ Etsy shop owners, Website owners, brick and mortar shop owners, consultants, designers, etc.
B) a blog, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram account

What Kind of Product or Service Can I Link Up?
Whatever you sell that you would like to swap, whether it’s goods or services. Handmade items, vintage wares, beauty products, clothing, jewelry, books, linens etc. are all acceptable goods. One of the services I will be swapping is a custom graphic design element, such as a button design, a blog banner or logo.

By participating in Swap & Tell, you can expect:
* Exposure for your shop: Your products/shop will be introduced to new audiences

* Opportunities to help fellow shop owners: Great and unexpected things happen when you extend kindness to others

* New connections with other shop owners: Networking opens up new collaboration possibilities and new friendships

When you participate in the link up, your link will be visible on all 4 blogs simultaneously. Be sure to check out my co-hosts as they will be sure to post updates on the swap! Heather at Woods of Bell Trees, Donna at Distressed Donna Down Home and Tina at What We Keep.

Swap & Tell
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 13th!
I hope you’ll join in the fun!

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