Sinkholes Stink

I’ve made a habit of showing mostly pretty things on my blog. But sometimes life ain’t pretty.
Like when you open your front door and you’re staring down at this…

Yeah. Sinkholes are one of those things that I would classify as “not pretty”.
And when they’re right outside your front door, they’re downright scary.

And costly.

This is what remains of the evergreen tree we had to lose so the machinery could come in.

And this is what we salvaged from part of our marble and granite mosaic sidewalk.

Goodbye fancy vacation. :(

I’m grateful we made it out of the situation alive. :)

On another note, this week’s Drop It or Swap It link up will not take place.
But watch for an upcoming announcement about some exciting changes happening with the swap!

Talk soon,

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7 thoughts on “Sinkholes Stink

  1. OMG!!! Ann, when did that happen? I’m sorry but, happy to hear that you are okay! Our road out of our community gave way a few weeks ago and a van had some damage…it’s repaired now….very scary though!
    PS your subscribe button is back to working. Now, I’ll just hope that I start receiving yours posts again!

  2. Good Grief! Is your home going to be alright? Any idea why this happened?

    Just glad your whole house is not in a larger hole..

    Keep us posted when you can?

    My sympathy comes to you.

  3. Ann,
    I hope you will write about this experience for those of us that have never seen this before. Could you hear it? Was there a fore-warning? Did you scream? I’m pretty sure you felt like crying. Are you worried about the house? I so wish this would not have happened to you. I have had things happen with houses that completely rocked my world so I know you must be distraught.
    Keep fighting the good fight, Ann!

  4. Where in the world do you live! Did you just wake up and start to go out the front door and there it was! This is truly scary.

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