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Phrase Art Phriday: Dance

Welcome to another installment of Phrase Art Phriday, where I share my original photography overlaid with a favorite inspirational phrase. Have a lovely weekend and be sure to dance!

Talk soon,

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Drop It or Swap It Link Up #9

Welcome to Drop It or Swap It, the weekly linky party where you can link up with a picture of something old or new, vintage or modern, thrifted or retail. Something that you loved at one time but have dropped from your favorites. It can be clothing, accessories, craft supplies, books, small home decor items, ANYTHING really that you don’t mind mailing. It can have its own dedicated post or be tagged onto the end of another post.

As a blogger you get all the benefits of linking up (new friends, traffic, etc.) PLUS the added perk of new stuff, while purging your own stash.

Did you know?
WEBSITE AND ETSY STORE OWNERS can link up an item from your store that you would like to swap. Just add it to a current blog post, Facebook post, Pinterest pin or Instagram feed!
COMING SOON: An addition to Drop It or Swap It that will help promote YOUR PRODUCT!

And it’s not just for bloggers, non-bloggers can participate as well! The more that participate in Drop It or Swap It the more fun we’ll have, so please share with your friends!

This is week nine of the link up and many of you have said you would like to participate, so why not jump in this week! We’re still building momentum so I welcome any feedback. This is a swap so please only link up posts that contain a picture of an item you would like to swap and have fun shopping around!

Now let’s start the swap!
Please read the guidelines and ask any questions in the comments.

* Link up a post that contains a picture and description of your swap item, using a permalink to your individual post not your general blog URL.
(Non-bloggers click here for a modified version of this)

* Look around at the other links until you spy something that interests you. Visit
as many as you like and when you find something you’d like to swap for, leave
the other blogger a comment with a link to your posted item.

* Leave as many swap offers as you like with different bloggers, but please
be courteous and only leave one comment each. If you don’t get a response
just assume the other blogger is not interested or has already swapped.

* Once you have committed to a swap, please edit your post with a note that
your item is already swapped so you won’t continue to get offers.
(Non-bloggers click here for a modified version of this)

* Exchange address info with your swap partner. Each person will pay shipping
for the item she is sending.

* Please follow your host, Tarnished Royalty with one of the following methods:

tarnishedroyalty on facebooktarnishedroyalty on pinteresttarnishedroyalty on bloglovintarnishedroyalty feed

* Please include the Drop It or Swap It button or text link in your linked post.
(Non-bloggers click here for a modified version of this)

Questions? More good info about Drop It or Swap It can be found here.

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Thrifted! What I Scored + My Swap Items

If you’ve been to my blog before, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I love to thrift shop. What other activity combines girlfriend time, adventure i.e. thrill of the hunt, and shopping without breaking the bank?

Some of my favorite things are items that I have found while thrifting, or as some call it, junkin’. My closet is peppered with vintage and modern pieces of clothing that I’ve picked up at places like estate sales, goodwill and other local thrift shops, vintage markets and yard sales. I have furnished (almost) my entire home, all 3900 square feet of it, with thrifted items. I’d love to show you some of my favorites but that’s a whole other post.

Here’s a pile of treasures I scored recently while hitting a thrift shop, a flea market and a yard sale.
I got the bookend because I have a collection of old books and a thing for bookends. I plan to paint it, not sure what color yet. The pottery pig just spoke to me (weeeee) and for a buck I couldn’t pass him up. I have a metal boot just like this already that I use to hold my business cards. I’m sure I can find another use for this one or maybe I’ll sell or swap it.

The architectural piece will be used somehow, somewhere, and of course I plan to use all the jewels and brass findings in future jewelry design projects. I was absolutely smitten with the “R” piece.

I think I got a pretty good haul and I probably spent under $15 for the whole shebang. Do you love to thrift shop? What are some of your recent finds?

So I’ve sent out the invites to come to my Drop It or Swap It link up and I’m ready to swap! I’ve had some great swaps with Donna of Distressed Donna Down Home and Tina of What We Keep. But where is everybody? Come on girls, I really want to see what you’ve got! I’m not offering anything new this week since I have some fun things (I think) that haven’t been spoken for at past swaps. So here’s a recap of some of my things, all of which are available at this week’s Drop It or Swap It link up starting tonight at 7PM central.
I have been purging my jewelry and am working up to putting a new, organized system of storage and display in my closet area. So here are 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets that should belong to someone else. The multi-strand multi-color beads are plastic. The bracelets are stone chips and are the stretch type.

conch_shell_photo_holder_3 conch_shell_photo_holder_4
If you would like to make a photo display like this one and would love to have all the supplies delivered right to your door, you need to come back and check out the swap! I’m swapping everything you need to make your very own sea shell photo display! Items from each of these categories, with hand picked selections from the tiles, buttons/jewels, and small shells categories.

And last but not least, this cute vintage beaded handbag. The white color makes it a good summertime choice. It’s a little bit of a fixer though. The clasp closes but it’s not a really tight hold. I think it might have to do with the hinges on the sides of the bag, not sure though. I think you could just add some velcro inside to ensure it stays closed.

Drop It or Swap It runs Wednesday through Monday (linky opens Tuesday night for early birds). I’ve got some new info to share with you at the party so I hope you’ll come back and link up! Click the image below to see more about how it all works.

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Girls Want Pearls #44: Patriotic Sparkler Bunting Headband

It’s Monday, so that means another Girls Want Pearls here at Tarnished Royalty! Thank you so much for coming by and for all your positive comments about the pearl projects! This is week #44 of a 52 week series, so there aren’t many left. I want to share with you a project to glam yourself up while showing your patriotism for the upcoming July 4th celebrations. We’ll be making a Patriotic Sparkler Bunting Headband.

Husband gave me quite the sideways glance when I traipsed into the living room wearing this.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Creating the pearl and bead sparklers:
Cut 3 pieces of 18-20 gauge wire, approx. 8 inches in length.
Thread the wire through the shank on the button and bend till ends are together.String 5 each 8-10mm pearls onto each half of the wire. Bend around the tip of the wire to form a loop, securing the pearls onto the wire, using needle nose pliers or a jewelry tool as shown.

Twist the wire once at the bottom. You will have excess wire and the pearls will slide around, that’s okay we’ll fix that later. Repeat previous steps, using red and blue beads. Note: I used mercury glass beads for the red and blue, but any kind of bead will work and look great.

Creating the sparkler tips:
Cut 6 strips of aluminum foil, 1/2-3/4 inches wide by 6 inches in length. Working with one sparkler at a time, slide the pearls/beads down towards the button shank. Place the wire loop onto the foil and roll the foil around the loop, twisting and squeezing the foil to form the desired shape.
Cover the foil tip in glue followed by glitter. Repeat for the other 5 tips.

Adding the lace bunting:
Cut a strip of lace, 2-3 inches wide by 10-12 inches in length. Fold accordian style.

Pinch the top together and secure with glue or stitch with needle and thread. Fan out the bunting and attach it to the back of the button using glue. At this point, you may also want to glue some of the bunting folds to the button to create the desired fan shape.

Creating the headband strip:
You’ll be tying the headband on to wear it, so first wrap a strip of lace around your head and tie it to measure how long you want it. Cut the lace to measured length by desired width (mine is about 1 1/2 inches). I showed elastic in the supply list but later decided I’d rather tie it on.

Attaching sparkler/bunting to the headband:
Centering the button vertically on the lace strip so that there is some of the strip both above and below the button, attach with glue and allow to dry. Once dry, secure additionally with needle and thread to keep the sparklers from flipping.

Now go create your headband and sparkle in patriotic style!


Next week’s pearl post hint: Patriotic buffet

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Phrase Art Phriday: Seize The Day

Seize The Day, #9 in my series Phrase Art Phriday, where I share a favorite saying overlaid on my own original photography.
Phrase Art Phriday seize the day

Talk soon,

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In The Studio: T-shirt Jewelry

Hello readers! I hope you’re having a fantastic week! Today I want to talk about t-shirt style. It used to be that wearing t-shirts meant wearing very simple accessories. Not so anymore. Admittedly, some jewelry will ONLY work with tees and casual wear, they’re “t-shirt jewelry”. But the reverse is just not true. In our anything goes fashion culture, it’s not uncommon to see statement necklaces, necklace layering, and major embellishing with tees and other casual clothing styles.

I’ve been happily creating new jewelry designs and tweaking some older ones. I do have a sale in my shop right now, with discounts in 5 out of 6 categories: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, tiara hat bands and crowns. Be sure to check it out!

Here are two styles I have recently added to my shop and one that I just marked down.
t-shirt jewelry ice blue
t-shirt jewelry ice blue close

Would you wear them with a dressier top or your favorite tee?

t-shirt jewelry acorns
t-shirt jewelry acorns close
Would you rather wear this more casual one? Or would you wear all of them with all styles clothing? Does it depend on where you’re going in your tee?

I’m curious, do you have “t-shirt jewelry”? Please tell me about your style in the comments!

Talk soon,

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