Drop It or Swap It Link Up #4

Welcome to Drop It or Swap It, the weekly linky party where you can link up with a picture of something you loved at one time but have dropped from your favorites. It can be clothing, accessories, craft supplies, books, small home decor items, anything really that you don’t mind mailing. It can have its own dedicated post or be tagged onto the end of another post. As a blogger you get all the benefits of a link up PLUS the added perk of new stuff, while purging your own stash. And it’s not just for bloggers, non-bloggers can participate as well! The more that participate the more fun we’ll have, so please share with your friends!

Before we get started, here’s what I’m offering this week:
You can see more views and a description by clicking my link in the linky list below.

And here’s a peek at what I’ll be swapping next week:
seed_sower_1bb seed_sower_2bb

This is only week four of the swap so I welcome any feedback. I know it will take time to catch on and I hope you’ll give it a try! Link up a post that contains a picture of the item you would like to swap and have fun shopping around!

Now let’s start the swap!
Please read the guidelines and ask any questions in the comments.

* Link up a post that contains a picture and description of your swap item, using a permalink to your individual post not your general blog URL.
(Non-bloggers click here for a modified version of this)

* Look around at the other links until you spy something that interests you. Visit
as many as you like and when you find something you’d like to swap for, leave
the other blogger a comment with a link to your posted item.

* Leave as many swap offers as you like with different bloggers, but please
be courteous and only leave one comment each. If you don’t get a response
just assume the other blogger is not interested or has already swapped.

* Once you have committed to a swap, please edit your post with a note that
your item is already swapped so you won’t continue to get offers.
(Non-bloggers click here for a modified version of this)

* Exchange address info with your swap partner. Each person will pay shipping
for the item she is sending.

* Please follow your host, Tarnished Royalty with one of the following methods:

tarnishedroyalty on facebooktarnishedroyalty on pinteresttarnishedroyalty on bloglovintarnishedroyalty feed

* Please include the Drop It or Swap It button or text link in your linked post.
(Non-bloggers click here for a modified version of this)

Questions? More good info about the swap can be found here.

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13 thoughts on “Drop It or Swap It Link Up #4

    1. Hi Janice! It’s fine to link up from an etsy page if you prefer to do it that way. You have the link on your blog post and people can contact you through either way, right?

  1. Hello there, this is such a great idea! I’ve just popped over to your blog from Rachel the Hat. I don’t have anything to swap this week but may well do in the future, I’ll have to dig through my drawers!! Anyway, good luck with this great concept. P x

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