Girls Want Pearls #37: Turn Ordinary Sandals Into Gladiators + My Swap Item

Happy Monday! I hope your Easter holiday was a joyous celebration of the love of the Savior. I started the day by going to church with my husband, where we were joined by our daughter, son-in-law and three grand children. Our son and daughter-in-law live a couple hundred miles away and were unable to join us. They always come home for the holidays but he had to work. I was a little sad because it also happened to be my son’s birthday. We’ll all get together next weekend. I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter the exact day we celebrate, as long as we’re together I’m happy.

So on to our Girls Want Pearls project. It’s #37 in the 52 week series! It’s time for some fashion! The last two weeks were decor related, and I tend to alternate between decor and fashion in these posts. Today I want to show you how to glam up your sandals with pearls.

In the first idea, I’ll give an ordinary pair of sandals…

A gladiator look!
You’ll need:
4 strands of pearls, approx. 33 inches long
8 jewelry jump rings
4 jewelry clasps (lobster clasp or similar)
loose pearls for embellishing

Preparing and attaching pearl strands:
Open a jump ring and hook around your sandal strap as shown. Thread one end of a pearl strand into the ring and close.
Then thread the other end of the pearl strand onto a jump ring and attach your clasp to that ring. Repeat these steps on all 4 strands.
Wrapping the pearls:
Take both loose ends of the pearl strands that are now attached to your sandal and pull up to make sure they are even in length. Tie them at the back of your leg above your heel, then tie in a knot.
Next, criss cross the strands to the front of your leg, then to the back, then to the front again, then to the back until you have wrapped them four times.
Bring both strands to the front and criss cross forming an X as shown before attaching the clasp to the ring on each side.


I wanted to tie in the look even more so I added three loose pearls into the sandal design. You can do this in one of two ways: put a straight pin through the pearl, loop the pin around with a small pair of pliers then sew onto the sandal strap; or just sew the pearl onto the strap without the pin.

For the second look, I embellished some fringe sandals by sewing on small strands of pearls that I strung and knotted, wrapping and hiding the knotted ends at the underside.

So, time to go get a pedicure or give yourself one. Mix it up and choose a color you’ve never dared to use before! And then go have fun showing off your toes and sandals!

I hope you’ll come back Wednesday and join the new link up Drop It or Swap It. The link up runs from Wednesday through Sunday night so you can have plenty of time to shop around other blogs to see what you would like to swap for. Early birds can link up Tuesday night beginning at 7 PM.

Here’s what I will be offering for swap.
I know there are a lot of creative people that could do something really cute with these crusty rusty keys, 2 dozen of them to be exact.The keys have now been swapped with Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home!

And my item from the last swap didn’t get taken so I’m offering it again too. This cute striped pair of Tommy Hilfiger shoes, size 7 1/2.
See you at the swap!

Next week’s pearl post hint: Please don’t eat the daisies

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19 thoughts on “Girls Want Pearls #37: Turn Ordinary Sandals Into Gladiators + My Swap Item

  1. So glad that you and your precious family had a wonderful time together at church. God is good! Love the shoes with the pearls too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. My favorite pair are the fringed sandals. Love the contrast between the leather and pearls. I am still at sea how to do the swap thing. I went over to the posts listed last week, but did not see what was being offered as a swap except for the ones you listed for non-bloggers.

    1. Hi Donna! To use your sea analogy, it was kind of a shipwreck, haha! There were a couple of sweet link-ers who linked up with their regular blog post, not something to swap. I didn’t have the heart to tell them. The idea is to link up a post that has a picture of an item you want to swap. I think it will take some time to catch on, but I really hope you’ll come join in!

  3. Seriously??? How fun is this? Let me just say, I’ve already gone in my closet searching for the perfect sandals that need a little glam added to them. Love this fun idea, thank you so much for sharing.

    1. First of all, thanks so much for joining in the swap! I’m not really an elephant person but my sister is. I’m going to give Cynthia with the tablecloth a chance to see if she wants the elephants. If she doesn’t I’ll swap with you and give the elephants to my sister!

  4. Very cute idea! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

    1. Hi Shanice! Thanks for stopping by and for the invite. I’ve got a start-up link party that’s different from most that I would like to invite you to as well. It’s a swap! You can link up a post that features a picture of an item you’re tired of that you would like to swap with another blogger, then you shop their blog links to see what you can find that you love! You can see more info here . I’ll come to yours if you’ll come to mine??

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