Tour Our 1856 Holiday Home AND a Wine Cellar Sneaky Peek

I imagine I’m in the minority here, still talking about Christmas now two weeks after the big day. In the few weeks before Christmas I contemplated joining in on the holiday home tours. As I thought about snapping photos, editing photos, re-snapping photos, compiling and finally posting photos I realized that my own Christmas spirit as well as my family’s were doomed to the same fate as Jacob Marley unless I changed my direction. I decided our fa la las would be better served if I kept my focus on our celebrations and put off the home tour until the new year. 
So hopefully you’re not too tired of looking at Christmas decor and will come on in and have a look around. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for the most part.
Welcome to our 1856 home, please come in!
My entry hall
Favorite vintage ornaments ~ a few I’ve had since childhood.
Our living room, sorry for the poor lighting
Need to use the powder room? got ya covered
This little cutie was in my stocking
Now I’ll take you down to the wine cellar, but you have to promise not to peek behind the curtains, it’s not quite finished yet! I’ll be showing the full reveal in a few short weeks.
I hope you enjoyed the tour. It was great to have you!
Talk soon,

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8 thoughts on “Tour Our 1856 Holiday Home AND a Wine Cellar Sneaky Peek

  1. Wow! Ann that is lovely!! I would LOVE to see anything at all you care to show of the house — I’m sure it’s amazing! (And it doesn’t have to be decorated for Christmas, either!) :) I applaud you putting first things first and watching out for your Christmas spirit! A lesson I should take to heart! :)

    Thank you for sharing! And do share more! :)

  2. Beautiful. My Christmas priorities and family obligations did not allow time for lots of Christmas posts either. What computer time I did have, I used to make Christmas visits here in Blog land. So much talent! Have a great week and see you next time at SYC

  3. Ann, your home is very warm and welcoming!
    I do love those heart chairs in your entry!!!! :-)

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas decor with us!
    P.S. hubby and I renovated an 1856 victorian farmhouse in Michigan about 14 years ago, now we are in the process of renovating an 1875 Queen Anne in a quaint lil Victorian Village.


  4. Hi Ann
    No not at all, I think it’s rather like receiving Christmas cards after Christmas, you have more time to enjoy and savour. We live in Australia, I love getting cards in the New Year and likewise seeing your holiday decorations. You did an amazing job, even the loo rolls have been given some Christmas ‘wow’ – that made me smile. I would imagine you had a wonderful festive holiday, love your place. Think it was absolutely the right call to enjoy the moment and blog later… unless you were doing a me with ‘My bare and wilted Christmas tree post’!!!
    May I be the first to wish you a Happy Christmas for 2014 – looks like you are nicely prepared and ahead of the rest of the blogging world – lol!
    Wren x

  5. I’m with you. I think those people who do tours decorate right after Halloween. Either that or they use last year’s pictures. I tried to get a tour ready but I didn’t decorate until after Thanksgiving and it just makes it too hard. Your home looks lovely! I’m here from Wow Us Wednesdays. It’s nice to meet you.

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